Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crazy for COLOR Tuesdays

I am not Crazy for COLOR today… I am Crazy for Cool!!
I am a big fan of Good Morning America (see previous Post about Lara Spencer).  Problem is my kids have a rug rat stronghold monopoly on the TV in the mornings so I don’t often get to watch it.  Well… this morning I was doing Day#2 of P90x (yay me!) so I sent the kiddies to watch TV from my bed.  When I was done they didn’t want to move a muscle – lazy bums.  Yay GMA here I come!!
I was watching a segment all about cool gifts and they featured the coolest thing ever – a website called Fantasy Floor Plans!
In their words:
100% One-of-a-kind, hand-drafted floorplans
of famous, fictional TV homes.
Created by one woman who likes TV -- a lot.
Celebrating 60 years of the television home from the 1950s to the present -- one floorplan at a time.
Seriously Cool!!!!
What a great and unique gift for that special person in your life who is a total boob tube lovah TV buff.  Forget gift… I want one (or several) for me.
You could get a floor plan of Don Draper’s NYC Pad.
Or would you prefer the floor plan of Bree Van de Camp’s perfect pad on Wisteria Lane?
Or… maybe like me you were a BIG fan of MR. BIG’s posh pad from Sex and the City Days.
Or…. maybe you would prefer to kick it old old school with Darren & Samantha’s suburban home from Bewitched.
Oh… or one of my childhood faves!  The Brady Bunch…. The Brady Bunch… that’s the way they became The Brady Bunch – duh duh duh duh dunt dunt duh da….
Or a personal favorite from my high school and college years – 90210!  I know you have their theme music running through your head too now – You are Welcome!!
“Oh my god Brandon I love Dylan so much.  I can’t believe that slut best friend of mine Kelly has stolen him from me again!”
Okay… enough of my walk down memory lane.  I could do this all day… I mean it… I really could!  I love TV.  I am a total junkie.  Thank god the secret is out!  I can carry my addiction loud and proud now.
What are your favorite TV Shows?  Which TV show homes do you think had great style? Do you pull any style ideas of from TV or Films?
See You Soon…..
Kelly Button Plaid

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