Friday, July 13, 2012

Chevron Coffee Table

Here it is.
Chevron Table - 1
Of course, like every other DIYer on the planet, I am on Pinterest far too often… probably not healthy but it makes me happy!  Here is my Pinterest find that inspired this coffee table.
Visit Michaela Noelle Designs Blog for detailed information on this dresser.
Michaela Noelle Designs
I love Chevron so much!
Here is where this lovely coffee table started.
Chevron Table Before 2
Chevron Table Before 4
Chevron Table Before 3
This girl was one of Mishelle’s curbside treasure finds.  Nice find!  This table is so solid and heavy.  It is a really great piece of furniture.  It just needed a little makeover to give it new life.  It went from being a sad little country bumpkin to a chic city girl with a story.
Here’s where I started.
Adhesion Primer
Adhesion Primer!!  Trust me I learned my lesson on that one!  You can read about that here.
Adhesion Primer - Chevron Table
After the priming was all done, I followed it up with painting the entire table several coats of Sherwin Williams Bright White.  I then decided to do the Chevron Stripes in Sherwin Williams Anew Gray (my BFF).  See my inspiration piece above for her step-by-detailed-step on how she marked out her Chevron Stripes.  I just measured my inner square on the coffee table top and kind of winged it to make sure it would look even.  If I was a smarter girl and was more scientific in my process trust me I would share it with you…… but I’m not.  Sorry!
Here are some more After’s.
Chevron Table - 4
Chevron Table - 2
Chevron Table - 3
Chevron Table - 1
As you can see, I used a sanding wedge and aged it a little.  I then finished up with three coats of polyurethane for added durability.  This is a coffee table after all.
I will be offering this one up on Etsy for sale soon.  I am just waiting for all my furniture that took a trip to get upholstered – I want to create vignettes of furniture for sale…. I cannot wait for tomorrow to see my furniture!!
This offering stuff up for sale has gotten me to thinking…. dangerous yes Smile.
I notice that a lot of the furniture reno pro’s who blog (and sell their pieces) do not share details on the process of their reno projects.  Am I wrong to share my process, paint colors, etc.?  I just feel like there are two types of people out there….
I am not worried that if I share my secrets people are going to steal them, or that by sharing my process it makes my pieces any less valuable.  Anyhoo, that is just how I personally feel.
Am I crazy?  Should I not be so forthcoming with all this information?
See You Soon…..
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