Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chesterfield Sofa…. Curb Check!

Once upon a time… I was driving through my hood on my way to pick up Mister Bee from school and I spied this!

Blue Chesterfield

Kicked to the Curb for Bulk Trash! 

Once again… their Trash is my Treasure.

I saw tons of potential in this one!  Sorry for the poor picture.  I know I took before pictures but they have gone the way of my missing socks in the dryer… cannot find them anywhere no matter how hard I look.

The legs were damaged and the blue velvet upholstery was unfortunate but fixable…. totally fixable because the bones were great!  I sent her off the Upholsterer to get customized in some super fab indoor/outdoor material – no special reason for this other than I loved the choices in pattern and color.  The fact that the indoor/outdoor fabric is super durable is just a plus.  I also had the legs replaced, the skirt removed and the wood trim piece painted white.  If you remember from a previous post, I had to send this one back to the Upholsterer because they didn’t Chesterfield my Chesterfield and forgot the Tufting.  Unacceptable!!!!
They fixed it and I am ecstatic with the results!

Chesterfield After 2

I am offering it up for Sale on Etsy here:
**Update 2014:  No longer for Sale.  Gigi is keeping the couch**

Here are more After Pics for you to Enjoy!!

Chesterfield After with Bamboo Caneback Bamboo

Chesterfield After Tufting

Chesterfield After Wood Trim on Arm

Chesterfield After Wood Trim

Chesterfield After

Chesterfield After with Wingback After

Chesterfield After with Wingback and  Caneback Bamboo

Chesterfield After with Vignette Up High

See You Soon…..

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