Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cane-back Bamboo Chair

I love this chair!  I loved it from the second I saw it on Craigslist and knew I had to have it.

Bamboo Chair

Here is how it looked when I rescued it from Craigslist.





Pictures are funny because it is hard to tell from these but this chair was in some rough shape.  I had to bring it to life… and let me tell you what an awesome DIYer I really am!  Not to toot my own horn but I am #1.  I never make mistakes…… see the stain I chose to use on this chair.


I chose to go with Minwax in a color called Jacobean.  I decided I really just wanted to match the old stain as closely as possible – I liked it to begin with.  I did have to sand down the piece first and clean it up a bit.  Do you want to see how super duper I am at this stuff we call DIY?  Check out my hands after an hour of staining.


This was when they looked good…. I looked like an auto mechanic by the end of this staining episode. 

 Oh yea…. let’s also check out what also happened on this first day of staining (which is what makes me so #1 btw).


Yep… you are seeing correctly.  I spilled the whole can of stain two minutes in to the project.  Thank goodness I don’t care at all about those floor coverings!  

That my friends is how awesome I am!  I was indeed just joking when I said I never make mistakes.

  Check out my post on the Blue Console as further proof of my blunders. 

Oh well… s#@t happens… and I moved on.  I got more stain and finished the chair.  I also had to take the gold pieces off the ends of the arms and I had to sand, clean up and repaint those too. 
Overall, I am super happy with the outcome. 

Bamboo Chair 6

Bamboo Chair 5

Bamboo Chair 4

Bamboo Chair 3

Bamboo Chair 2

I will be offering this one up for sale too!  I just need to figure out where is the best place to sell renovated furniture – Ebay, Etsy???

Anyone have any tips on selling renovated furniture?  Have any DIY debacles to share?

**Update 2014:  My sweet Sis-In-Law bought this one for my Niece and it looks fab in her room**

See You Soon…..

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