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Backyard in Progress

One of the many Blogs I read every day is Finding Home.
Finding Home Online
I have been keeping up to date on her “Takin’ It Outside” posts this week.
finding home takin' it outdoors week
She inspired me to participate and share our Backyard in Progress (isn’t it always?). 
Here is where we started 7 short years and one child ago.
2005-07-23 112
So so pretty right?  We willingly bought this place…. no guns to our head no sirrreeee.  We are smart, educated people who were totally pumped to find a complete piece of crap house!  This doesn’t look nearly as bad as it did in person.  This also does not show the six or so trees we had to tear out…. it was like a pine and spruce tree graveyard.  It was B.A.D.  This decking was actually nice, expensive Trex Decking.  I am guessing it was just put down incorrectly because boards were popping up all over the place.  Screws were sticking up everywhere as well.  It is also hard to tell by this picture but we are pretty lucky to have a fairly large backyard…. but the decking covered it all!  You know what I loved most?  The bridge to nowhere that you can see in the top right of this picture!  Seriously… it only covered that lone mound of dirt and grass… and there was a sprinkler head on that mound’o’grass cause lord knows we wouldn’t want our one grassy knoll to die! 
Here was how the backyard sat for quite a while when we got too tired to deal with it anymore….
House After Pics 004 
House After Pics 005 
House After Pics 003
House After Pics 006
Wow… that was really bad!!
Would you like to see a little after In-Progress pic to wet your appetite?
This is taken from basically the same angle.  This yard has been a project-in-the-making for years!  First, we had to get that decking out – hazardous to our then 11-month-old.  The Hubby recruited his many generous and cheap labor hard-working friends to help out all for the huge sum of pizza and beer (suckers).  I don’t think any of us anticipated how hard this stuff would be to get out of here.  It took many many hours and many bulk trash pick-ups to get it out.  The stacks of wood (four or five I believe) were stacked taller than me almost every time.  Once the decking was out there were the dozens of posts buried in concrete to pull out.  As if that wasn’t enough, the previous owners thought underneath this deck would be a great place for thousands of rocks!  Why?  I’ll never know!!  That was a fun removal too!  Then… we got tired…. and moved on to interior reno and this yard sat for quite a while as a hazard to anyone brave enough to go back there.  It is pretty embarrassing to have people in your home and sneakily get them to avert their eyes from your backyard!
Here are some more before pics.
2005-07-23 110 
This is one of the three awesome bars that was in this home (part of the reason my friend Kerrie dubbed this the “Boogie Nights” house).  Who thinks to themselves '’Hey honey we should put a really giant bar out back that blocks our view of the backyard, pool and all the light known to man!  Let’s live like Vampires in here!”???
Here is how it looks now.
You see where the “Go Green” sign is?  Well what used to be there is in the picture below.
2005-07-23 111
Oh my!  This thing creeped me out bad!  I gave it at a White Elephant Christmas Party… and then apologized to the person who got stuck with it!
2005-07-23 116
“Hey Honey I have another great idea!  Since we have only one window left that looks out in to the backyard, let’s cover it with a giant, ugly, barely working hot tub!”  Boogie Nights…. whoa… whoa… whoa….
Here is that area now.
2005-07-23 113
This beauty shot is looking on to the most poorly built water feature you have ever seen.  Those are big, expensive rocks!  The water source was a water hose running up the outside left of those rocks – genius!!  What I like most is the galvanized bucket just teetering there at the top – a water trough I guess??  This was more of a cesspool than a water feature.  We were breeding West Nile here for a few years – sorry people!
Here it is now… still in progress!
You can still see the outline of the stacked stones!  This is dirt right now but we plan on putting down pavers around the new fire pit and adding plantings, re-staining the fence, etc. etc……
2005-07-23 115
There’s the Bridge to Nowhere and all those beautiful trees.  Who knew a tree could grow so sideways?!
Here it is now….
We had to re-sod and add sprinklers all back here to get some grass.  As you can see, we also had a major pool renovation – new coping, decking, tile, and plaster (which is an Epoxy Paint instead of plaster – big mistake people don’t do it!!  We need to re-plaster now!)
I really want to add something like this to that expanse of fence.
 Girl drawing pictures on a chalkboard mounted on a fence

2005-07-23 133
If you look straight past that bridge and tree you see what used to be a window to the right. 
Here it is now.
A new door leading to the Master Bedroom!
You know what else was awesome about this backyard when we got a hold of it?  The pool light was a death hazard waiting to shock to death it’s next swimming victim (thank you pool inspector worth every penny we paid you!).  We also found a bunch of exposed electrical running under that Trex decking… because heck if we don’t die in the pool we will sunning ourselves on the deck… but who cares as long as all the trees are well lit!  Am I right?
Oh well… all water under the bridge to nowhere…. looks much better now…
Have you done any major yard renovations?  Send them to me and I will feature them! 
See You Soon…..
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