Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Almost Finished Bath….

Remember a while back when I told you I was really excited that I had gotten hired to help some friends renovate their Master Bathroom?  It is not 100% finished… but I am here to tease you a little.
We have completed all the big reno stuff – ie tile work, new shower, faucets, plumbing, electrical and so on.  Here are a few tease shots.
At the time this was taken the floor was still in process of being done – thus the mess in the tub.  Don’t you adore that modern tub faucet?  Can you see the peek of the super dark gray/green walls?  Love them!
These are iPhone shots… so not top quality.  Sorry.  I will get great pics with my DSLR as soon as were are done.  We had the soffit ripped out that used to make the shower feel so much smaller, and I am in love with the Shower Panel they chose.  I am thinking I may be needing one of these in my Master Bath stat!!
That shelf you see peeking out in the right of the shot is going to be history.  It is just too big for the space.  We are in the process of figuring that out too.
The lovely Mama that is the Proud Owner of this bathroom and I just need to get out and finalize all the finishing touches in this bathroom…. problem is… Summer!  Proud Owner is a busy lady with two busy kids and a full time job to boot.  We will get out soon though, and I promise I will blog all the finished perfection.
Here are some fun accessories I spotted when I was out and about the other day.
Proud Owner actually brought these home and the color didn’t quite work and the polka dots just looked a little juvenile.
I loved these Greek Key Towels.
I think we for sure need a pop of color in this bathroom, but I don’t think shades of purple interest them.  I love the Chevron Look of these though.  We were just discussing the idea of adding some pops of tangerine – which I love.
I thought these were nice, modern looking accessories.  Proud Owner found an even cooler and more modern looking set of bath accessories that I will show you later.
A shelf possibility to replace the too big shelf.  You could go with some floating shelves above this one.  It may be too small though… we need one that is just right!
I like the glass one in the middle – it fits their modern aesthetic. 
The one on top is a cool metal option.
These were nice too.  The shelves were a dark ebony.
I liked this taller shelf too.
I liked this rug too.  It was super soft…. not sure it is practical for a bath?  I thought it could carry on the circles from the small shelf.
I loved this mirror so much!  You know since I was in a circular mood.  It was on clearance and there was another lady eyeballing it so I got it!  If it doesn’t work in this bath, I am totally keeping it for something… we will see?
What do you think about these accessories for this bath?  Any you love?  Any you hate? 
See You Soon…..
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