Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lara Spencer… a Shout-Out

I love Lara Spencer… there I said it!  I have a bit of a girl crush on her…. well kind of… I feel like she could be my much prettier, much skinnier, much more successful, long lost sister. 

My being such a big fan of hers is relatively new for me.  I used to see her on her old show The Insider and liked her but that was it.  Then she came on to Good Morning America and I liked her a little more because I thought she was kind of cute and funny…. then it happened!

I saw her on the Nate Show…. and she talked about her new Book.


I have not bought it yet but have every intention to do so… and put it happily on a coffee table in my home.  The mention of this book and the fact that she is a Thrift Shopper got my attention!  Then, low and behold, I was watching HGTV (as I obsessively do!) and saw a commercial for her HGTV show I Brake for Yard Sales. 

 Suddenly Lara is everywhere….

This got me to go to her website and read her Bio.  As I read through her Bio I came to the realization that she is basically everything I ever wanted to be, but I never knew how to get there.  Read her Bio here.  She is a Television Journalist with a passion (and now side career) for Home Design and all things thrifty. 

Listen… I am not being paid by Lara or anyone she knows to give her a shout-out, but I want to state for the record that I can be bought…. for the meager price of getting to go yard saling with her!!!!  OMG it would be a dream come true to get to hang with someone like her for the day….

Okay…. enough of my stalkerdom for today!

Do you have stalker like love any celebrities?
Please share so I am not alone in my craziness!

See You Soon…..
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