Friday, June 1, 2012

Kitchen Tray

Okay…. I will start by saying sorry for my bad mood rant yesterday.  We all have those days right?  Just a frustrating day…. but back to business. 
Just a quick post from me today.  It is the first official day of Summer after all!
Can I just give a quick shout-out to Spray Paint?  I have a love affair with Spray Paint.  It is just so easy to use and I love that there are so many colors and varieties these days…. makes my heart happy.
What I also love is finding a good bargain!  Here is my bargain garage sale find….
I know!  it is just a silly tray and doesn’t seem like much of a find… but it really was for $1!  Only thing better than that is free!  It was also a great find for me because I was looking at buying one of these trays that had already been painted when I was at McKinney Trade Days a while back – and they were charging $25 a tray.  They were really cute in great colors though!
Just a quick clean up, priming and two coats of Rustoleum Green Apple and I had a new tray for my Kitchen Table.

What are some of your best cheap finds?

See You Soon….
Kelly Button Plaid

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