Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Crazy for COLOR Tuesdays

Yes…. I remembered…. Hallelujah!
It is….
Crazy for COLOR Tuesdays!
As I mentioned in a previous Post, I have been obsessed with brightly painted front doors.
I recently read a Blog Post about black interior doors from Southern Hospitality.  Find it here.
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I don’t think I had ever given any thought to the idea of painting interior doors before…. and I LIKE it! 
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So pretty right?  Black adds a certain level of sophistication.  I love all the finishing touches in this Hallway as well.  My house is just too dark for black painted doors….
But it got me thinking… how would other painted doors look in my home?  Not sure the Hubby would go for it, but here are some ideas.
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I want Dutch Doors in my house!!  At the very least, I want them on my front door and on the door leading in to my Laundry Room.  I will have these doors!!
Bold Choice!  My walls are already bold so this might not work for me… maybe on one door somewhere… like the inside of my front door (because this is similar to the color I am thinking of for the outside front and will go so well with the gray/white chevron I will be painting in my entryway).
This one is so soft, pretty and understated… I love that!  Wonder if my interior doors could go a soft gray like my kitchen cabinets?  Hmmmmm….
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This one is just plain fun.  I love the way they used paint to mimic molding.
So…. what’s your take on painting interior doors?  Love it?  Hate it?
See You Soon….
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