Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hammer Time… I mean Homework Time!

Didn’t this table turn out cute?
This is the third and final piece I renovated for my son’s school Fundraiser and Silent Auction.  Here is where it started.
It was your basically boring white melamine kid’s computer table.  One of the generous Mom’s from our school wanted to donate it to the cause and was up for letting me mess around with it and see what I could turn it in to!  I was totally up for the challenge… and this one was challenging.  First I decided to try some spray paint made for plastic.
The table had some minor scratches and damage and this stuff alone just did not cover it the way I wanted so on to plan B.  I bought some really heavy duty wallpaper and decided to cover the table top with that.  I just used some really strong 3M adhesive and opted out of using wallpaper glue (in hindsight I should have used the wallpaper glue).
Since the top of the table was curved I had to make slits all along the wallpaper overlap so I could fold it under with no creasing on top.  I actually love this wallpaper and was really excited when it was finished…. but then… it bubbled up all over the place.  So I had to scrap the wallpaper idea and rip it off and go back to square one.  So on to plan C…. oh yeah and thank goodness the table came with this warning on it.
Lord knows I had no idea which end was the top.  My poor kids were doing their homework on an upside down desk… awkward!  JK.
Ok.  Plan C.  I had already found some awesome Faux Leather in the bargain bins at Childress for the seat and shelf, so now that would become the top too!  It makes the table look a little flat in the pictures but it really was a deliciously soft caramelly brown color.  Again, I used the 3M adhesive – I sprayed it on both the backside of the leather and on the table and let it sit for a minute – it said this would give it more adhesion.  I also used my handy dandy new staple gun and added staples to the under side for extra hold.
The next step in this process was totally brutal – honestly.  It was time to wrap the twine around the legs.  My first idea was to soak the entire ball of twine in the mod podge.
This was VERY messy but I fumbled through it…. and was covered in glue by the end of that ball of twine!  So for ball of twine number two I decided to dip my gloved fingers in to the Mod Podge and rub it on a small section of twine and then wrap that section around the leg.  Lather Rinse Repeat…. many many times!!  This step alone took me around 26 hours… no joke!!  And it broke my back because I sat on the floor to do this step.  Note to self – next time prop the table up on to another table and do this step standing.  Many chiropractor visits later my back felt a little better.   The glue also made me feel a little high and loopy after 4 or 5 hours straight so I had to make myself stop there.  But I really loved the finished look of the legs.
I actually think for a future project with twine I will dip it in paint first and dye it a color!!  My super sweet neighbor Cindy ended up taking this little cutie home.  I may have to stop by for a visit once in a while.  Here are some more Afters.
See You Soon……
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  1. Wow! I'd have stopped at the spray paint. Certainly, the wall paper would have been it. Then to rip it off. You are a perfectionist! Love the legs really bring it up a couple of notches. Great job. Keep posting.


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