Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 9: Something Green


Here we go!!!  Another day another Photo Challenge!

Green is easy.  It is everywhere you look.  I ventured out to a Wednesday Estate Sale (odd I know!  so I had to go!).  Saw some lovely greenery in the landscape.  Estate Sale was a bust so I headed home and saw some lovely greenery in my landscape too.  Here it is.

Green Garden Collage

I also headed to JoAnn’s too!  Love that place!  I needed to find some fabric for a chair re-covering project that I will blog about soon.  I really wanted some graphic Ikat fabric in corals and pinks, but found my beloved greens and blues instead.  Change of plans but still a big winner in my book.  Can you tell which fabric I chose below?

Fabric Collage

I hate to digress from my Green Extravaganza… but I’m going to!!  Cuz I can!  Tune out now if you don’t want to hear me complain about other drivers!  Here’s the deal… every time I go to JoAnn’s here in my part of the world I park far from other cars because their spots are not very large and their parking lot is kind of a mess.  Well as per usual some silly person skipped all the other empty spots they could’ve parked in closer to the store and parked right next to me… not just right next to me but partially in my spot… past the dadgum line!  Seriously?!?  Is this person so busy and important that they couldn’t take the extra 30 seconds to park their car a little straighter and have a little consideration for the driver next to them?  “Who cares if the other person can’t get in their car, I am very important and the hot glue sticks I need in JoAnn’s cannot wait one more second!”  Here is a pic.


I am in the blue bus on the left.  This picture is actually kinder than reality.  It looks like I had room to open my door no problem.  Well, luckily I am a reasonable sized woman and not a very large man because I could barely open my door and squeeze my body in there… I think some body parts were rearranged in the process of squeezing in to the car!

But can you say “Karma”?  Here is where the next car pulled in as I was pulling out.

Jerky Drivers

Phew… glad I got that out.  Thanks for letting me vent!

See You Soon….

Kelly Button Plaid

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