Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 30: Something Old–a Travesty


When the Hubby reads this post he is going to say “Huh, what does Travesty mean?” The Hubby is no dummy of course, but words are not his Jam (this word annoys me so so much but I have a funny story about it so bear with me). The Hubby is a very smart man and really great at his chosen profession – Sales – but I often confuse him with my “big words” as he says. Anyway, that is sooooo not the point of this Post. Check out this beauty.  It is also Something Old…..


This is the Travesty! Can you believe someone actually left this fine specimen of furniture out on the curb for Bulk Trash (I am so appalled by this if you could hear me right now my voice would be all squeaky)? Seriously, if you do not get the gravity of this situation let me break it down for you… Some insane person had this wonderfully built piece of furniture in their possession – probably gathering dust and spiders in a dark corner of their garage or something. This piece looks like it has some serious history. I bet this piece was even passed down to this insane person by another older family member even. Clearly this piece has some blemishes… but that is all! Thank goodness the Hubby doesn’t throw me out to the curb for Bulk Trash when I have a few blemishes!! But’s that’s all okay because like I always say “someone else’s trash is totally my treasure”!! S.C.O.R.E. for me! Gigi and I have some scrumptious plans for this baby… Here is to hoping it all works out!! Just a few more shots.



Seriously… this is some fine craftsmanship! 

Okay… now do you want to hear my story about the “jam”.  Mishelle and I went to a beauty store for their Brow Bar.  I don’t know about Mishelle, but my eyebrows needed some love!  When we went in we also got sucked in by this sweet girl who wanted to give us a quick makeover (she was selling cosmetics after all).  I mean it when I say she really was very sweet… but she had the annoying habit of constantly saying the word “jam”.  As in:

“Oooohhhh gurrrllll this eyeshadow is so your Jam”

“You look so hot in this blush guuurrrlllll.  It is so your Jam”

“Gguurrrllll I could die seeing you in this lipgloss!  It’s your Jam”

I am joking you not she said something along these lines for the entire 30 minutes or so that we were getting our makeover.  The reason I misspelled those words above is because that is exactly how she was talking.  Again, I mean no disrespect to this girl at all…. she just needs to stop saying “jam” forever.

So…. have you found any gems on the curb?  Share!

See You Soon…..

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