Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 21: Something New


My Something New is not exactly New…. I would call it Old New. 


It is like New now… but it was old and grimy before.


Seriously!  Gross!!!  Gigi originally scored this (yes it was a score at the time) at Tuesday Morning for just $60.  That really is a steal… even if this swing was never super cute, it really was a great heavy duty and comfortable swing.  Those cushions were not removable so she couldn’t bring them inside when the weather was bad.  It just sat outside taking a beating in the sun and rain.  This is the result of years of abuse. 

Well, the structure was still perfectly fine.  I meant it when I said this was really comfortable and worth a good spit and polish.  So I broke out my favorite tool – Spray Paint!!  Actually, before the painting I had to clean this thing…. really well.  I also had to cut off the front half of the cushions…. I left the back section (with no padding) because it is what I could use to hold up new cushions – I still needed structure.  Then I spray painted my little heart out.  This took three coats to cover completely.  While it was drying I took a little shopping trip and found the perfect cushions at Home Depot.  I also had to replace the carabineers to hold the swing to the base… easy peasy.

And this is how darling it ended up!  So worth re-doing… no need to throw it away and get a new one!  Pish posh.


And this is my beautiful niece modeling it!  (Doesn’t she look like Selena Gomez?).


See You Soon….

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