Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 19: Technology


Hands down my favorite Technology is my Nook Color.  A couple of years ago this was a Christmas Gift from the Hubby that I was totally not expecting.  I was one of those people who loved books - the feel and smell of them.  I had no idea I needed this Nook.... that is until I got it.  I have been hooked ever since!

Here is the darling cover I found for it at Marshall's a few weeks ago.  Love the pattern and colors.

See You Soon.....

My Technology Photo

So I just totally caught myself! I am sitting at my desk working on my MAC {that I LOVE}, it is perfect for the business I am in! And in front of that I have my brand new iPAD {birthday present}...sold my old one! And then I have my iPHONE next to that! 
I was editing photos on MAC, checking Etsy on iPAD & texting Kelly on my iPHONE!  SERIOUSLY...I am OUT of control! OR...we could call it multi tasking!!!!  =)   lol...I love my technology! 

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