Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 18: 33 of something.... Happy BDay Mishelle!


We are at Day 18!!  In honor of Mishelle's Birthday we are posting a picture of 33 of something!  Well, Mishelle and I and our friend Shelley went to a Ranger Game to celebrate with Mishelle... and of course a little pigging out is always in order at an MLB Game right?  I thought I was doing a little "light" pigout when I ordered the Garlic Fries.  I thought it would be a small cup of fries... until I paid.  $8.50!!!!  WHAT????  Holy Moly what had I done?

ACK!!!! There are atleast 33 Fries in that mess... or 3300?!?!  They were really delicious... and felt like they multiplied as I ate.  They never went away.  Between the three of us we barely made a dent!  Thank goodness none of us were tempted to kiss each other.  Here we are enjoying the game.... even though the Rangers lost by 1... waaahhhhhhhhhhh.

See You Soon....

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