Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 17: Collection


Since having kids my own personal collections have just not been happening... no time!  To be honest I never was a big Collection person.  So... for this household our collections seem to consist of Toys, Toys and more Toys.  Well we had one "collection" that had gotten totally out of control and I had to figure out how to tame it.  That "collection" was my boys Legos.  They got lucky and not only had their own collection of Legos, but they inherited their cousins (three boys) Lego collection - lots of Legos!  Well here they are and here is how we tamed them.

 I apologize for the not-so-stellar picture.  I used my iPhone. 
The Hubby came up with the idea to make this baby.... it started out as a CD shelf to wrangle our enormous "collection" of CD's... well CD's are sort of passe now are they not?  I uploaded all of our CD's in to my iTunes and got rid of those dust collectors.  I needed to re-purpose this thing.  Lightbulb Moment!  I made it in to our LegoShelf.  I love this thing so much that the Hubby and I are going to start offering these to purchase.  We will make them custom to order!  I will give more details at a later time as to when and where you can purchase one.
What collections do you have and how do you wrangle them?

See You Soon....

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