Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Crazy for COLOR Wednesdays (because I keep forgetting on Tuesdays)

It is also Day 16:  Dinner of THE PHOTO CHALLENGE.  My Mister B had a baseball game last night – they Won Go Yanks!!.  So yesterday was nuts… come home from school… lots of homework…. dinner (for the kids – easy sandwiches)…. time to play ball!!  Needless to say we got home late and the Hubby and I had no time or energy left for our own dinner.  We resorted to some mish mosh of leftovers.  It was not impressive, special or pic worthy.  No need to bore you further with details on all that for today!  So let’s move on…..
Crazy for COLOR!
I do not in any way consider myself a person that is scared of COLOR.  I love COLOR!  All COLORS!!  I am though a little hesitant to paint any fixed cabinetry in my home in a bright color.  I think about doing it all the time.  I did test out a bright Aqua called Capri by Sherwin Williams on the outside of my Kitchen Peninsula…. but the Hubby ixnayed that idea before I even had one whole door painted.  So I changed it to Peppercorn by Sherwin Williams. 
I am not going to share a pic of the whole Peninsula… yet.  It needs work (what doesn’t around here?).  I need to figure out the knob situation… and clearly I need to clean whatever the heck that is on the bottom right over there.  So sad I did not even notice that until I just looked at this pic.  I also need to find some great barstools for this area – this is homework central around here. This paint is a dark grey with blue undertones.
I also painted my Kitchen Cabinets just last Christmas a color by Sherwin Williams called Agreeable Gray.
I do love this color.  It is a soft grey that almost looks white but is more warm.  Don’t get me wrong I am thrilled with my cabinet colors (for now).  As you can see, I did sneak in my bright color on the walls and with my accessories.  Even though I am totally happy with my neutrals, I see pictures of bright cabinets and I swoon.  Here are some examples.
teal kitchen cabinets
cream kitchen cabinets
bright yellow kitchen cabinets
Have any of you been brave enough to take the HUGE leap and paint your Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinets a bright color?  If so, what color?  Share pics with us!  We’d love to share your space here on our Blog!
See You Soon….
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