Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Crazy for COLOR Tuesdays

Crazy for COLOR Tuesdays

One of my favorite things to blog about is color!  Today my mind is on painted front doors.

Sigh…. it’s all I can say.  I love the grey house with the pop of bright yellow on the door!
The reason my brain is stuck on brightly-colored front doors is because mine needs an update – B.A.D.!!  If that was all the exterior of my home needed it would be an easy decision – I would paint it a color called Capri by Sherwin Williams.  However, the door color is the least of my problems.  The entire exterior trim of my home needs a good coat of new paint.  My house color has been this poopy brown color since the day we moved in almost seven years ago!  So many other projects have just taken precedence over the years.  Here is where we started.
2005-07-23 119
It was a toss up as far as what was worst about the front…. the awful Bermuda grass, the termite infested wood walls and mailbox, the treacherous thorny holly bushes, the pink pavers up the walkway or the poopy brown trim?  Some of this has changed and I will blog about that later.
2005-07-23 118
Okay it is really funny to me looking at these pictures now because the house does not look nearly as bad in these pics as it did in person!  It was really really ugly.  I kid you not.  The story behind how we actually came to purchase this home is kind of funny as well so I will backtrack.  The Hubby and I owned a duplex in a far northern suburb of Dallas….. way too far for me.  It was in the land of the sad Charlie Brown trees and cookie cutter houses.  That is not to say that there is anything wrong with a newly built home in a spanking new neighborhood.  It was just that in this neighborhood of duplexes everything really did look the same.  Our friends would knock on the wrong door sometimes…. even after we had lived there for years and they’d been over many times.  We were really itching to move closer in to the city and in to an old home in an older neighborhood with huge trees and big lots.  We decided we would first attempt to lease out our duplex as we thought it would be a great long term investment with great lease potential – and it has been.  Well, it leased in four days and the new tenant wanted to move-in in just two short weeks.  We jumped on it and moved ourselves and Mister B (at 9 months old) in to Gigi’s home for a while until we could figure out where we wanted to live.  Well, at this same time I was showing homes to some great friends of ours Brien and Kerrie and they were looking at an area Greg and I had just begun to consider.  One fateful day I showed Brien and Kerrie the most awful house and knew it had to be mine!  Brien and Kerrie saw it and knew they were not even a little interested – they dubbed it the Boogie Nights House because it had four bars, black lacquer and mirrors all over the place.  In fact, I don’t think they would have lived there if someone paid them to do so.  So I called the Hubby and I think my exact words were “I just showed Brien and Kerrie the biggest dump of a house and I love it!  You have to come see it.  It is perfect for us”.  I am sure you can guess how excited he was to see it after that awesome sales pitch!  I made him see it anyway.  He loved it too!  It just had such great bones… and we were looking for a fixer-upper… and this was the ultimate fixer upper!!  I will post more later about all the projects and where we are now…. but for now back to the outside.  I generally have no problem picking colors.  I pick them, buy them, paint them and almost never regret it!  The exterior has been a very different story.  Like I said in a previous post, exterior colors are just harder because the undertones tend to come out.  I have experimented with so many colors it is getting ridiculous.  I think I have finally come to a decision…. I think?!  I think I will go with Sherwin Williams Foothills.  It is a really great and totally neutral Taupe… not too brown…. not too grey…. just right!  Now all I have to do is make some $$$ to pay someone to paint the exterior – this is a job too large for me!  Once that is done, I will paint the door.  Or maybe I will paint it anyway… I have the paint in my shed already… we will see???  So back to doors I covet.

A Colorful Welcome
Love them all!!!
See You Soon…..
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