Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shabby–Yes! Chic–Big Yes!!

I have no idea how we have lucked in to so many absolutely perfect sunny days here in Big D, but I will take it!!  I am super blessed to be sitting here in my Dining Room with the windows open enjoying a perfect breeze while writing this post.  Little B is also hanging out and entertaining himself with his Ben 10 action figures (this is not the norm around here) – hooray!
Want to see my second project from Mister B’s school Silent Auction Fundraiser?  Here it is after.
I know I say this often… but… I love the way this piece turned out!!  It was not too hard to do either which is always a huge plus.  Here is how it started.
Not awful to begin with right?  It was actually even better than it looks in these pics to begin with.  But in my world everything could use a little improving.  Even me, but that is a subject for another type of Blog!
As usual, I started this project by giving it a light sanding – because I actually only wanted to do a color wash with a glaze over it and let some of this beautiful dark stain show through.  I followed this with a really thorough washing with soap and water.  Here are the products I used to get started.
All I needed was a quart of semi-gloss paint in Behr’s Creamy White and a quart of Behr’s Faux Glaze to mix in with the paint.  I also decided to try a technique I had read about on another Blog (wish I could remember which one it was and I would totally give credit).  That technique was to rub Petroleum Jelly in spots all over the piece prior to any painting.  I did this in spots where I thought it would naturally wear over time and in a few random spots.  Then I used a foam brush (cheap and effective) and started rubbing on my Creamy White Glaze in fairly light coats.  I wanted the finish to look built up in layers giving it that sort of worn finish. 
This was after several coats.  If you look at the top, you can kind of see where it looks like the paint is almost bubbling up on those spots where you can see a little dark showing through.  That is where I put the Petroleum Jelly.  I did a total of four coats of the paint mixed with glaze while the Petroleum Jelly was still on there.  I then took a white wash cloth and wiped off the spots where I put the Petroleum Jelly and the top coats came right off exposing the original finish!  It worked like a charm!!  I then went ahead and did a final coat of the paint with glaze because I decided my dark spots were a little too dark for me.  I loved it!  I then followed the advice of Kate on her Centsational Girl Blog and used Briwax for my final protective coat.  It was kind of expensive, but I was super happy with using that on this piece.  I have never used a Wax for a topcoat before but I will for sure do it again. 
My final touch was knobs!  I found a pack of four crystal looking knobs at HomeGoods for $8.99!  Can’t beat that!  So I bought two and I was finished!  Here are all the after pics.
You see my model trying to sneak in to the shot?  I didn’t have any money left to pay his exorbitant fees so I gave him the boot.
Be right back
I was sad to let this beauty go… oh well… all for a good cause.  In the auction, I believe this piece went for $85.  A totally crazy bargain in my eyes!!
This piece did help me in a way.  Now I know that I want a piece of furniture with this finish on it in my Foyer (that is where this is).  I think I would rather have a demi Lune (half moon) table here though as it would take up less space.  I would also like the bottom half of the table open to give the illusion of more space here!  Now I am on the hunt for one of those!!  Craigslist here I come!
See You Soon….
Kelly Button Plaid

PS - I'm linky linking this post over at Jennifer Rizzo Blog.  Check her out!

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