Friday, April 20, 2012

Marry, Make-Out & Muzzle… it’s a game humor me!

Cassie over at Hi! Sugarplum Blog posted her version of a game… and it made me laugh…. so I am carrying it on over here at this little Blog too!  Apparently, this is a twist on a Twitter Game (new to me had no idea) except it is a kinder gentler version!  Let’s do this!  Play along with me!
It’s easy peasy.  Just name the celebrity you would marry, the celebrity you’d make out with and the celebrity that basically makes your skin crawl.  So funny!

Here we go:

Marry Me!  John Krasinski from the Office

I know he may not be the best looking actor out there… but I would not want to marry the best looking.  I just love him!  He seems like a really real, funny and cool guy.  He’s also super tall and that never hurts!

Make-Out!  Bradley Cooper

I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain this choice.  I will say for the record though that I have loved him since his days on the show Alias – back when no one knew who he was!

Muzzle!  The Entire Cast of Jersey Shore… especially Snooki

Ugh… disgusting human beings is all I can say.  Is anyone else mystified as to how it is possible that these idiots are now considered famous and get paid a lot of money??  I cringe every time these people show up on TV or in interviews.  I try to avert my eyes and change the channel as quickly as possible.

Well… that was fun! 
Who do you want to Marry, Make-Out & Muzzle?

See You Soon….
Kelly Button Plaid

Ok, I'll play....

Marry...{Drum Roll Please}

I love baseball, The Rangers & Ian!!

Make Out....

Muzzle... {Please} She has ruined The Voice for me!! 

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