Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Flip flop….entry, living, dining

Teaser Pic:
I came to a realization today… It’s been two long years since my last Flip House!!!  I can’t believe it.  It makes me so very sad to realize that.  Wow time flies!!!  Clearly holding off on flipping another house for a while has been the best decision for my family – a very sad decision but a sound one.  Not long after we sold this house, the Hubby got laid off and it took him some time to find a new job.  Even though he did indeed find a new job…. it was not a rockin’ awesome job.  It was a job and for that we were thankful!  But it was not a job that would financially allow us to continue flipping for the time being.  Jobs aside, this last flip was also not the most lucrative…. we had the bad timing of completing this one right as the Real Estate market took a serious down turn.  I will say we are very lucky here in the Dallas Market.  Our home values don’t generally fluctuate more than about 2% to 4% so we don’t have crazy crashes like some markets…. but I will say it was bad enough to make this Flip feel like a bit of a Flop!  Not a huge Flop…. we closed out this deal just north of breaking even, so we made an eensy teensy tiny profit.  That can’t change the fact that I still loved this house and loved renovating it!  Enough of this crazy talk!  How about some before and after pics??  Just a few teasers for today!
Entryway Before:
Entryway Before
Oh where do I start with this before??  Minty green door…. minty green carpet…. parquet floors…. original cultured marble tile floors…what to save? N.O.T.H.I.N.G.!!!
Entryway After:
Oh…. but I did save the chandelier – sort of.  I kept that original brass chandelier because it was super heavy and really well made.  I just decided to update it with a can of spray paint – glossy black.  I painted the crystals black too and I loved it so much!  As you can see, we also painted the front door an inviting orange-red.  We also ripped out the original parquet, carpet and marble tile flooring and replaced it with solid oak…. oh how I love hardwood floors.  We went with a medium walnut stain on the floors and doesn’t it look so very pretty?
Formal Living Before:
Living Room Before
Anyone hungry for Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream?  I have this weird craving and cannot for the life of me figure out why?  Hmmmm….
Formal Living After:
Living & Dining Rooms
Dining Room
I know you can see all those gorgeous Hardwood Oak Floors in the After pics.  We also changed the wall color.  Previously it was a too pinky tan… YUCK!  We warmed it up with a lovely shade called Latte.  Also, if you look at the before pics at the spindles on the top half of the wall dividing these two rooms you will see they are a bit fussy.  We squared them off for a more modern look.  I also kept the original chandelier in the dining room and gave it the same treatment as the one in the Entryway…. You may also be recognizing some of this furniture by now.  It is most of the same stuff we staged the other houses with.  Looks good in here too!
Oh... how could I forget?  The Hubby has been at a new job that he loves for right around a year now!  Yay!  I smell a flip coming on soon... I hope.
Okay peeps!  I am pooped… more later!
See You Soon…..
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