Friday, April 6, 2012

Flip flop… Kitchen & Laundry/Mudroom

Good Friday on Good Friday all! What a blessing of a gorgeous day we are having here in North Texas! It really is a blessing after such a crazy week with such crazy weather... my heart goes out to all the poor folks hit by the tornadoes this past Tuesday.
On to a lighter subject... my flop of a flip.  Just kidding – it wasn’t a total flop because I enjoyed every minute of renovation and no one can take that away from me!  Check out this Chef’s dream of a Kitchen Before.
Kitchen Before
Wow that’s a terrible pic!!!  But it’s all I’ve got…. Vampire bat
And here is the Breakfast Nook before too.
Breakfast Nook Before
Ahhhh the trusty old 1960’s Hutch!  Many times I opt to keep these in the home I redo.  I like them!  Not this time.  What you cannot see through that door to the left behind the hutch is the uber-tiny half bath… and I mean tiny!  This was also the Laundry Room back here to the right.  We ripped out this entire Kitchen, Hutch and Half Bath area.  It had to be done!
Gutted Kitchen
And there it all goes…. Bye Bye!!  We ripped out those silly soffits too.  You see those wires hanging on the left side of the picture?  Yep that is all those soffits were housing.  Why is all I can say to soffits???
Here she is after lovely girl!  We chose not to extend the Oak Hardwoods in to this Kitchen.  I am so on the fence about solid Harwood Floors in a Kitchen.  I love the look but don’t think it is practical at all, and one hard and fast rule in a flip house is practicality always wins.  We chose a really nice porcelain tile that had a stone look to it.  Again, as in past flips, we chose solid surface granite countertops.  For the backsplash we went with classic white subway tile with glass tile accents.  Of course, we also went with Stainless Steel Appliances, new restaurant style faucet and chrome light fixtures.  We opted for custom solid-wood cabinetry built by Twin Oaks Custom Cabinetry in a Shaker Style.  Seriously, if you live in my part of the world and need any woodworking call Twin Oaks!  They are fast, professional and do a beautiful job.  Check out the Breakfast Nook sans Hutch.
Breakfast Nook
And here is what the old tiny half bath became…
It became half mudroom.  We had twin oaks build us these mudroom shelves.  What you cannot see on the other side of this picture is that this area also became a walk-in pantry.  This house had not pantry to speak of so this was a very nice addition! 
See You Soon….
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  1. So pretty! Love the cabinets and I'm very jealous of your mud room!


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