Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flip Flop…. Family Room and Sun Room

Hi friends!  This is going to be a pretty quick post today.  I’ve been so swamped lately and this here Blog has taken the back seat unfortunately.  My son’s school is having their annual Silent Auction and Spring Fling tomorrow night and I volunteered to reno three furniture pieces.  I wish I could say this was a totally selfless act… but alas it was not.  I really do love doing this stuff!  What I love more is when other people actually like what I have done with the furniture – it is good to have that positive affirmation.  Makes me a happy girl.  I will Blog before and after pics on those pieces very soon.  I will most definitely post and let you know how the auction actually goes and how much $$$ my pieces raised.  I am super nervous about it!  I hope people like the pieces and get in great big money fights over them… hee hee. 
Back to my Flip Flop.
Quick I said!  Quick!  I am tired and my fingers are rubbed raw from the Jute… I said more later on that!
Family Room Before:
Family Room Before

Family Rm to Sunroom Before
Family Room Hutch Before 
Family Room After:
Family Room
Family Room 2
Sunroom Before:
Sunroom Before
Sunroom After:
See what we did??  We added a sliding glass back door and we blew out the ceiling and raised the roof… Made it feel like a totally different room right? It was super hard to let go of those orange curtains and that psychedelic carpet but we forced ourselves to!
That’s all kids.  I promise to get back to being a good little blogger!!!
See You Soon…..
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