Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flip Flop… Bedrooms

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I know I sound like a broken record but the weather here in Dallas is unbelievably nice.  I don’t remember ever having a Spring here where the weather was this nice for this long.  The family and I are outside all day every day lately.  It is wonderful!  I do think we have earned it though.  Last Summer was brutal… far too many days that were well over 100 degrees… so bad that the kids didn’t even want to leave the house to have a swim in our backyard bathtub swimming pool.  Anyway, I am actually feeling totally crummy today so I’m letting little B hang out and watch some TV while I write this post.  I think there may be a nap in my very near future! 
The Bedrooms in this Flip Flop are the only rooms we’ve yet to discuss.  So let’s get to it already!  In a flip, the bedrooms are generally not the most exciting before and afters – but that’s okay.  They can’t all be glamorous and exciting can they?  Just like I don’t look glamorous every day!  Some days believe it or not I stay in my workout clothes with no make-up on.  Scandalous I know!!!  Check out my favorite after.
I will readily admit this is my favorite after solely for the color scheme – I love the black and white with the punch of the chartreuse curtains.  The black furniture actually belonged to my grandmother.  I was told she got it as a wedding gift.  It was a really yucky speckled creamy mess before (the curse of getting old).  I had this painted semi-gloss black… I wish I had a before pic of that and I would share it too. 
Here are all the Before And Afters.
Master Bedroom.
Master Bedroom Before
Curse these blurry before pics!  I cannot blow them up any larger because they get too blurry…. sorry.
Master Before
Master Bedroom
We really kept the reno pretty basic in here.  We added new carpet.  We really wanted to run the solid oak hardwoods down the Hallway and in to this room but our budget did not allow it.  When we ran tight on our budget this was one of the projects to get cut.  The other project that we had to cut was adding some French Doors in here that would have led to the back yard – they would have gone to the left of the bed where that dresser and mirror are now.  Would have added tons of light… such a shame to have to give it the axe.  We also painted, added wood blinds and a new fan. 
2nd Bedroom.
2nd Bedroom Before
Guest Room 2 Before
2nd Bedroom
3rd Bedroom.
Guest Room Before
Oh.. and yes that carpet is green!
3rd Bedroom
4th Bedroom/Office.
Study Before
This one needs a little explaining.  That window there looks in to what the previous owners turned in to the Sunroom.  They had converted an old patio, which created our budget overage and forced us to axe the hardwoods and French Doors from the Master Bedroom.  What the previous owners had done – and this is a common mistake of many homeowners who undertake this same type of renovation – is that they had exterior walls built right on top of their patio slab and did not also add support underneath said patio.  In a lot of home construction, patios and garages are basically poured as a separate slab and not always reinforced and tied in to the structure of the house.  I am not sure if this is still the case with today’s building standards or not.  What we noticed towards the end of our renovations was that this Sunroom was entirely pulling away from the house… it was like it was falling away from it.  We had to add 5 piers under the slab of this entire room in order to get it back to leaning toward the house and to make sure it was structurally sound for the new owners – in other words BUDGET BUSTER!  Back to the window in the room… sorry for my rambling!  We made the executive decision to add a door here for access to the Sunroom…. we figured it would probably be used as an office by the new owners and thought it would be nice to have direct access to the Sunroom and the Backyard as well.  Here is the after.
4th Bedroom    
Hope you enjoyed!!
I wish you all a wonderful week ahead!  It’s time for me to get back to work on some furniture renovations!  I am very excited to report that I have just been hired to renovate a Beautiful Old Hutch that belongs to a friend of mine.  She inherited it from her Mother who got it when she got married.  I love pieces with History.  I have also recently been hired to act as Contractor/Designer on a full Bath Renovation Project as well as some painting and Kitchen renovation in the same house.  I will share all those before and after pics when the projects are complete!
See You Soon…..
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