Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Flip Flop…. bathrooms

Let’s talk about bathrooms…. fun stuff right?  We did a lot of changing of bathrooms in this place!  If you read my post about the Kitchen & Laundry in this Flip Flop, then you know we actually removed a bathroom.  Crazy I know… but it was bad.  It was so tiny and useless… and it made for an awkward and very small laundry room.  Plus there was no pantry in this place and taking out that bath made room for a mudroom and pantry space.  Shame on me for not having any good before pics of this bath!
Let’s move on to the Master Bath!  Here is one shot.
Master Bath Tub
This used to be this.
July 2009 014
We changed this bath dramatically.  This is far too hard to just explain without leaving you scratching your head…. so…. Check out my drawing (I am totally high-tech around here!!).
Not to scale… Winking smile
Maybe when I go to Design School I can learn how to do this all Techy-like?!
This is one of my favorite parts of renovating an older home.  I love to walk in and envision what a space could really be!  I love changing something to the point where people say “Wow, I never would have thought of doing that”.  Our first order of bizness in this bath was to close off the Hallway Door!  Ugh… nobody wants their Master Bath sanctuary to be open the the public.  As you can see in the drawings we had to take out some walls and make it into one space instead of several.  We also could not resist putting in a separate pimped-out double shower – it was a shower bath combo before!  Wish I had one in my house.  Check out the rest of the before and after pics!
Master Bath Shower Before
Ugh… sorry for the blurry pics.  My old camera stunk!
Master Double Shower
Can you believe this used to be a double vanity and door to a Hallway?
Master Bath Vanity
Those are not Hollywood Lights you see!  This pic makes it hard to see them but they are these beautiful square lights with obscure glass shades.  We chose to buy this vanity from Overstock (my go-to for bath vanities at good prices!).  it came with a gorgeous white quartz top and we added the glass and subway tile backsplash (another of my go-to design choices for a Flip).  As per our usual as well, we went with a soothing sage green in here.
Thanks to the Master Bath we had another problem now! We got rid of a bathroom!!  Yikes!  Well… we had to think really hard on this one.  We had to walk around the house and really look at all of our space to figure out where we could possibly steal some.  And it came from here.
Powder Bath Closet Before 
This my friends is a very large hall closet!  We also had to steal a bit of hallway space to the left of this closet as well.  Here is how it looked after.
Powder Room
It was really difficult to get a picture of this room because as Powder Rooms usually go it was not super spacious.  The toilet is to the right of this sink.  I loved this whole sink mirror all-in-one.  Got that on Overstock too! 
The third bath was a much more simple reno.  Just cosmetics.  Here it is before and after.
Jack'n'Jill Bath Before
Jack n Jill Bath Vanities
We gutted this bath!  We had another one of our stand-by faves build the cabinets in here too!  Remember Twin Oaks Custom Cabinetry?  We love them!  The tile floors in here were super cool too!
Wish I had pictures that could truly do these rooms some justice.  Oh well, I waited to long to buy my Nikon SLR!
See You Soon….
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