Friday, April 13, 2012

Don’t be Blue!

Actually be Blue!  Be really really saturated Blue!  How I love this Dignified Blue from Sherwin Williams… and How I love this piece.  It is one of my Spring Fling re-do pieces.
Oh how I love this piece of furniture!!  This piece (I don’t even know what to call this lovely?).  What kind of furniture is this?  An armoire?  A chest?  I don’t know?  Let me know if you do!  This piece was pretty bittersweet for me at the Silent Auction tonight!!  I was really excited to reno this piece.  Here is how it ended up with me… at my house… ready to be brought back to life.  I heard that the auction chair was worried that we had not gotten enough donations this year.  She had sent out a plea to others at school who were involved in the PTA.  I thought it might be a good idea to see if anyone had any good furniture that they no longer had use for and I could reno them for sale.  This piece had been living in the garage of one of the families at my son’s school and here is how it looked.
And look at the inside!!!  So dadgum cool!!!
From the second I saw this thing my mind was racing with the possibilities for it’s reincarnation.  It could be a small TV Armoire with all the components and such buried inside.  It could be a really cool bar for a dining room.  With this lift up top, I could add a mirror and it could be wonderful in a bedroom.  Oh so many possibilities.  I also had really grand ideas for lining the inside with a great pattern in the form of wallpaper or fabric or wrapping paper or scrap paper.  I looked at probably 6 or 7 different stores for ideas… little did I know that the perfect fabric was at Hobby Lobby right under my nose all along!  Alas, I ran out of time and steam before the Auction so the interior lining got scrapped and so did the mirror under that top lift-up section… I also had a huge problem with getting this piece to dry fully.  I put re-doing this piece off until last of the three pieces because genius me thought “Oh this will be the easiest piece.  All it needs is a coat of paint and then the fabric will be a breeze”.  Wrong!  It decided to go and get humid on me here in Big D.  Ugh!!!! This has made my life really frustrating this last week.  The doors got gloppy and they ended up getting totally stuck shut… and sticking… and peeling… oh so embarrassing.  I had to get this beauty up to the Auction so I had to give up on perfection and just get it up there – Thanks Chicken.  I put a note on the piece that the lucky owner could just get the piece back to me and I would get it fixed and allow DAYS between coats for ample drying time!  Check it out again.
I went ahead and shelled out the big bucks for a professional model to show the piece off.  He did a good job no? 
Look at this detail.
So… here is the Bittersweet part.  I really really wanted this piece for myself!  But I really wanted it to be well received at the Auction and hoped others would bid on it…. but I also kind of hoped they wouldn’t because did I tell you I really wanted it for myself?  I am not totally sure where it will go but I will for sure make a space for it!  Well… nobody was bidding on it (silent internal tears here).  So with an ecstatic and sad heart I bid on it… and I was the only one to bid on it.  I got it!!!  Yay!!!!!!!  And Boo!!!!!
Here is the upside.  The school got $75 from me for it.  That is a total steal for a great piece no matter what the condition!  Here is the other upside… I get to take my time fixing all the paint issues I have with it and I get to add my mirror and fabric!  This will be going in this puppy for sure.
I will show you pics of that once I do it… but rest assured I am tired and this may wait just a little bit as I recuperate from the project extravaganza I’ve been having lately.  Oh well.  Life is good – school got $$ and I got a lovely piece of furniture to play with.  Win Win.
I would love to hear some opinions on this piece.  Do you like it?  Would you have bid on it?  Is the blue too bold for the general population?
See You Soon…..
Kelly Button Plaid
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