Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crazy for Color Tuesdays!

Crazy for COLOR Tuesdays!

Before I start this post, I wanted to mention a giveaway happening over at Blue Cricket Design! It is for a $100 Lowes GC… what good DIYer couldn’t use an extra $100?? Bet you could think of lots of creative ways to use an extra $100! Go check it out here.

Now, what I’d like to address today is Indigo!  Or Dignified Blue according to Sherwin Williams.  To do so, I would like to revisit my post from last Friday.
I know it has only been days since I posted about my thrifty find of a Blue Chest.  In case you missed that piece, here it is.


Well, what brought up visiting this piece again was a Blog Post that hit my In Box today from Kate at Centsational Girl.  In yesterday’s post she had some big news to share.  She got her very own Blog Spot writing for Better Homes and Gardens website three times a week!  I would say that is a pretty big coup – Congrats to her!  I followed her link on over to her new blog Centsational Style.  Her post today is all about Indigo!  Or as I like to call it Dignified Blue.  The reason I bring this up today on

Crazy for COLOR Tuesdays!

is because in my last post about this piece of furniture I was unsure of my color choice because of the lack of bids.  Well I feel some redemption from my doubts after reading this post!!  Here is what Kate had to say in her post:

“If you’ve popped your head into local retailers or opened the latest catalogs, there’s a color that’s getting a lot of attention this season and that color is indigo. This inky blue is appearing everywhere from textiles to accessories and one thing is true, while some might consider it the color of the moment, the combination of deep blue and crisp white has always been timeless. Whether it’s the paint on the walls, or the furnishings in your spaces, indigo is one color to choose to create a moody yet sophisticated feeling in your home.”

Go check out the rest of her awesome article on her new Blog.  Check out some pics of Indigo, Dignified Blue or whatever you’d like to call it!

Pinned Image
 Ironwork Trellis Dhurrie Rug: 6 Colors
Pinned Image
I love these pics!!  I am feeling so much better about the choice I made.  I always loved it but I am glad to be backed up by the Design World – thanks for having my back yo!

See You Soon….
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