Thursday, April 26, 2012

Almost Romper Time....

I adore Rompers on little ones! They are so easy to put on and they look so squeez-ee in them! =) I HIGHLY recommend this pattern! It is awesome...I don't typically like to make the same thing twice (I know I am crazy) but I have made this several times...every time I have made one for a little cutie ~  the mom always orders another! The cool thing is it is a 2 in 1 because it is reversible!

H O L D  U P !!!! 
NOT just for Babies!! 

I've got at leave 4 rompers and I LOVE them! They are so easy... and I don't have to think about putting anything together!! lol!! Here are some cute ones....

So sassy and fun...check it out at forever 21 $12.50 (can't beat that!)

LuLu's is one of my favorite shops is my go to!! Their clothes and shoes have always been great quality for the price! $41.00

This one is so cute...and a slurge at $128.00 Bloomingdales
I am diggin' the shoes too!

So it is going to be 90 degrees today here in Dallas! So should we wait for it to be officially summer or break out the Rompers People?!?! 

R O M P E R   T I  M E !

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