Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trade Days…. yay!

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This is the last day of our Spring Break around these parts!  As a family, we decided to postpone our Spring Break trip to LEGOLAND California until July.Freezing  It really was a good decision (the hubby’s job was just too busy) but it still made me quite sad.  Other than a two day Granny Camp with Gigi, the kids and I have been at home for the most part.  I had too much work to do myself for us to go far and when I asked the kids what they wanted to do they said “stay home and play with all of our friends”.  Fine by me!  Cheaper and less crowded.  Well…. of course… by today I was feeling really stir crazy.  I needed to get out of the house so Gigi, myself and the kids decided to head out to Trade Days in McKinney.  For those of you not familiar, it is a once-monthly flea market.  I Red heart it sooooo much!!  I will be honest, some of the stuff is not great…. but some is!  Here is my favorite find.
I’m going to back track a little though.  I knew I was going to have to take the boys with me (not always ideal for shopping… I’m just sayin’).  The Hubby had to fix our leaking sprinklers in the front yard – how fun is that??  So I decided a little bribery and liquid sugar never hurt a shopping Mom on a Mission!
I know this may not sound as funny when I re-tell it, but I have to share what happened right as we pulled in to park at Trade Days.  So we pull in and this sign is right next to our car.
So Gigi (my mom) sounds all indignant as she says “Really?!  Do they just want all the cars out here to get damaged?  I mean do they really expect us to park touching the bumper of another car?  That’s ridiculous!!”  I could not stop laughing and she was dumbfounded at my laughter…. then I pointed out the obvious to her!  They meant these bumpers…. see the yellow things on the ground between the cars?  Yeah… those bumpers!
She felt really silly but I thought it was hilarious!!  Sweet Gigi!!! 
Of course shopping cannot happen because we immediately got sidetracked by this…..
It actually was the perfect day to come out here.  It was a little overcast and breezy but no rain and nice and cool.  I love coming out to places like this… you meet some really interesting people.  This guy was hilarious!
We found lots of great stuff today.  Like these…
I really actually loved these letters made out of old license plates but I didn’t get one.  My problem is this…. I come to flea markets to find bargains (I am cheapish) and these just seemed expensive at $25 a letter… I will think on them and maybe get one next time?!?  Here was another favorite find that I did not purchase but may some day.
I do love a good game of Beer Pong.  You really do find some of the best stuff at Flea Markets!  These were just two of my many “I’ll think about it” items.  I may regret that when I go back and they are not there anymore.  We will see??  And here is my little guy’s favorite item (and yes we did purchase this one).
I told him he and Mister B (his big bro) are only allowed to shoot mini-marshmallows out of it…. aaarrghhhh…. that may not last but here’s to hoping!!
Now on to my actual purchases.  Check them out!
This will become the home of many-a-favorite Lego Man! 
I know this table is slightly kooky but that is what I love about it!  I will clean it up and give it a coat of bright paint and it may end up living out back as a side table… again, we will see?
Had to throw in another shot of my fave find.  I love this crazy thing!  Gigi called it a telephone table and said she had one in her house growing up.   The lady I bought it from called it a gossip table…. I like that name better!!  This will for sure get a new coat of paint (I may sand and let some of red show through) and most definitely a new cushion.  I will post the afters of all these things later when they are done!  I really do need to get to work on some of my many “to-do” projects.
See You Soon…..
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