Thursday, March 8, 2012

Starting Over…. sort of…. maybe?!?

I’m sitting here with my cup of coffee (my daily addiction and happy place) trying to figure out what I want to blog about.  All I can think about for some reason is going back to school.  The idea of going back to school has always been in the back of mind since the day I graduated from the University of North Texas with my Undergraduate Degree in Journalism.
Go Screaming Eagles!!  It’s not so much that I am unhappy with my undergrad degree.  I do honestly think I am a good writer.  I use my writing skills in my Real Estate business all the time.  I never did pursue a fulltime writing gig…. not sure why?  Maybe I was scared way back when of not being a good enough writer to get paid for it.  We are so silly when we are younger aren’t we?  It’s just that if I would have listened to my inner voice that has been speaking to me since I was a young kid – around 3rd or 4th grade – I would have gotten my degree in design.  I have figured out a way to merge my two loves at times.  First with Real Estate – looking at houses old and new is fun because you really get to see some great houses and how they are decorated.  My second avenue was in Flipping Houses.  I get to take something in poor cosmetic condition and change it in to something beautiful – that is very exciting.  I absolutely adore the process of changing room layouts and picking the design elements to put back in to the home; everything from kitchen countertops and cabinets to bathroom tile and fixtures.  Seeing the finished product is also something that is so gratifying to me it fills  me up!  My third design fix came by way of taking old and unloved furniture and turning it in to something beautiful.  I have been doing this since I was a kid as well. My most recent fix and obsession is this blog – I know I am super late to the game but I love blogging and checking out others blogs!  I will do another post soon giving out some Blog Red heart!!  These things are all awesome…. but there is still that “going back to school” insanity running through my head. 
I really get it now why adults always said “Education is wasted on the young”.  I always thought it was such a rude thing to say before… not so much now.  I did not appreciate learning when I was younger – not even really in college like I do now.  I actually get excited at the prospect of learning new things!  There is not enough time in the day to learn all the things I am interested in…. story of all mother’s lives right?  Don’t go getting sad for me!  I am not sad at all.  I’ve just begun to recognize that I don’t care how old I am, if I want to learn something new than I should!  Why not?  I used to put stupid rules on myself like “I can’t go back to school now because I am too old and I missed my chance” or “people will laugh at me if I tell them I am going back for design”.  Silliness I say! 
It took my friend Vanessa (we graduated from High School together in 1990) telling me she is considering going back to school for Fashion Design!  I have known VYo (as I call her) since we were 5 and I had no idea she had a secret passion for Fashion Design!!!  Here we both were holding on to our little secret desires of going back to school.  I cheered her on to go for it and I decided not to be a hypocrite and decided I would look in to school as well.  She went and met with someone at the Art Institute of Dallas and so did I!
Ai - The Art Institute of Dallas
I sat there listening to the admissions counselor (a word I never thought I’d say again until my kids went to college) and I got so excited listening to her talk about the classes I would take for a Degree in Interior Design.  Color Theory, History of Furniture, CAD drawing…. make me swoon Flirt female.  Don’t get me wrong, this is just in the infancy stages of thought.  I still have to see if I can make it work logistically and financially.  I do have two kids who will also need to go to college at some point.  This just feels right though… we will see??  I will keep you all posted on how this is going sometime down the road.  If I do decide to go it will not be until the Fall when I have two kids in school!  I know this Blog Post was not so informative, so thanks for listening to me unload about life!!
See You Soon….
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