Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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Good Morning Friends!
I have been busy putting my monogram on a few last minute things for our vacation! I am really loving my new bag to take to the pool! It turned out so cute. You would have died laughing if you could have seen how I got my embroidery machine to put my monogram on it! I have to hold it suspended in the air so it didn't catch on the bottom of the bag!!! Man, I was glad when I heard that last stitch! LOL!!!! My arm is a little sore today! But I would say it was all worth it! 

I always use tumblers around the house...loaded up with ice and water and refill all through the day! So my thought was if I take one with me on the boat...maybe I will drink alot of water there too?! Or fill it will the drink of the day!! lol 

I used my silhouette machine to make these fun monograms!! If you aren't familiar with a silhouette it is similar to the circuit! Fun and you can see!

And I am going to make sure I take water in this cute little water bottle when we venture off the boat! Going to be well hydrated in style!! =) 

Well, I still have some packing to to you soon. 

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