Thursday, March 1, 2012

Look out for the Ostrich.....

Faux Leather Ostrich that is!  I've been eyeballing this Lime Green Faux Leather Ostrich for a while now.... but wasn't sure exactly what I was going to do with it??  I knew I loved it and I had brought home a sample of it from new favorite fabric store in Addison called Childress (thanks Kerrie Davis).  This delicious little fabric sample has been floating around my house for  a while now.  This is how I roll - I set the fabric sample on or near the items I am considering using them on and let it marinate in my head for a while to decide what to do.  Well, my boys called me in to the guest room one day to help them with something on the computer and that's when it hit me.....
Tables Before
Yep this room is kind of a mess and not "decorated" at all at this point... kind of a dumping ground of sorts.  This is the guest room and kids computer space.  I moved the bed side tables and pushed them together with small stools for a makeshift small computer area the kids could access without my moving computers and setting them up every time.  I actually love these side tables!  I found them at a great Estate Sale in Lake Highlands for $20 for the pair!!!  They are really cool with some pretty scallop details on the side.  Clearly a previous owner had painted them white and antiqued them at some point.  I am okay with that - I actually liked it a lot.  Then the paint started peeling off of the table tops.
I really do want these tables to go back to being bedside tables in this guest room.  I have a lovely lime green comforter in here.  I was actually at Childress today to talk to them about recovering a Chesterfield Couch I found on the curb one day..... so since I was here I decided to rip off the band aid and go for it with my lime green ostrich!  I bought it!  All I needed was a yard and a half of the stuff.  So here goes the process of table top reno.
I laid the fabric face down on the ground and laid my table on top of it (I could see the croc print on the reverse side of the fabric so it was easy to line it up properly).  I grabbed my high tech tool called a Pen and traced away... easy peasy.  Then I cut out my fabric... duh;) 
I already had this spray adhesive from Hobby Lobby. It was recommended that I use an adhesive from Home Depot called M3 - I will next time for sure. I followed the directions and sprayed the table top directly.  I followed that up by placing my faux croc in place.  Tip - don't do this alone it is too hard... you need two sets of hands to get it in place properly.  I then used my wood veneer rolling tool to make sure it was really stuck down. 
I decided faux ostrich alone wasn't enough.  I wanted some Nail head Trim to finish it off!  This was frustrating at first to get them properly lined up.  I grabbed a level ruler and penciled out a straight line along each edge for continuity.  This took some time and was tedious, but worth it.  I love the finished product!!

I have just finished one so far... but these will go back to being side tables when I have them both finished.  I am desperately in need of some other decorations, lamps, etc. as well. I am also going to flip this table over again and cut the tiny bit of excess around the edges with a razor blade to have a super clean and finished edge.
I love the finished project!  I am a happy DIYer today... and it only took a couple of hours of my time.
See You Soon....

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