Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Crazy for Color Tuesdays!!!!

Crazy for COLOR
Tuesdays are here!?!?!
Today I really need to come clean about my obsessions… and my obsessions are the
bet you can’t guess…. Teal Blue and Lime Green!  I am so obsessed with these

I cannot stop lusting after them every time I see them.  Whether in an accessory or in a picture of a room I find in a magazine or on Pinterest.  I get so happy when I see these
I cannot explain it – it is just my natural reaction to these
Pair it with grey and I am a total goner!  Absurd at times I know!  But it makes me happy so who cares right?  Just look at some of the accessories and accents that have found their way into my home in the last year.
Wow… did not see the streaks on mirror on right until looking at this pic now… yikes!  Somebody tell the owner of this house to get a maid!!  These are some fantastic old mirrors that I primed and painted my
obsessions.  I got these old mirrors out of some of the 1960’s era houses I flipped.  They are so heavy and well made – these would cost so much money to buy new!  You can easily find these beauties at garage sales and estate sales too.
Notice my Kitchen walls are painted a lovely
by Sherwin Williams called Spa…. aaaahhhhh….
These cute little plates (that I apparently need to straighten a little) were a great find at Target.  I had been looking to buy some decorative melamine plates on Etsy but they were $22 or more a plate… ouch!  I found these babies at Target for $1.98 a plate – S.C.O.R.E.
I just accidentally happened upon this lovely little Lantern at Tuesday Morning a few days ago and snatched it right up!  This is on my Mantle that I cannot show you right now.  It needs serious TLC.  It is made out of bricks jutting out of the fireplace…. yuck is all I can say about that.
You already saw this bad boy in a previous post. 
Found this fun pic at Home Goods a while back.  I need to do a fun vignette of pictures around it… gotta get over to Pinterest for some inspiration!  This is lonely hanging in my guest room – notice the walls are painted a yucky shiny tan.  I didn’t love this color when I painted it but have not gotten around to changing it…. yet.
These Ikea Lack shelves are hanging out in my guest room as well.  Funny the color doesn’t look as bad in this picture.  I bought the letter K and the mirror behind it at Home Goods, the two frames on the top left and the letter R at Anthropologie, the birdcage at a flea market and the baskets at Target.  I think these shelves need some tweaking and that frame needs filling… duh.  Funny how I am so used to this stuff that I overlook something so obvious.
Of course, just having these
in my house alone is not enough for me no sireee.  I had to use them on the invites for my son’s Science Party.
Brody's Invite
Now it’s time to share with you some real room inspiration with my
Crazy for COLOR
obsessions.   These are some of my favorite Pins from Pinterest.
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
I could link to pics all day!!!  Hope you have enjoyed these!  What
inspire you??
See You Soon…..
Kelly Button Plaid

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