Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Crazy for Color Tuesdays!!!

Yes people I am CRAZY for COLOR!
Like I promised last week, Tuesdays are going to be all about COLOR.  All COLOR All day.  Can I get a “Woo-Hoo”?  Just humor me.  Today is not about one specific COLOR per se.  It is about something I found that made me laugh and is yes technically about COLOR – paint COLOR that is.  I love anything that makes me laugh.  There really is nothing better than just getting a good belly laugh out of something.  It just brightens my day!  Because I feel so good after my good laugh, I feel like I should always pass this stuff on to others to enjoy as well.  I kind of feel cool like I discovered something new that others have not seen (so if you saw this a long time ago…. just don’t tell me so I can keep feeling cool).  I randomly stumbled upon this surfing the net yesterday.  It (I think?) is a new Ad Campaign by Ace Hardware called “Find your Soul Paint” to promote their line of paints.  This is my favorite!
Crouching Tiger 4022 New Love
So awkward…. like so many of my first dates in my young twenties!
Here is another good one…
Like it’s raining way… way… way over there!
Okay… just one more…. I love these! 
You better Swatch Out!!
There are many more on YouTube…. so funny.  I just blew about 45 minutes watching these.  Now I love COLOR even more than ever Thumbs upThumbs up.  Hope you enjoyed my COLOR sharing today.
See You Soon….
Kelly Button Plaid

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