Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Coffee Anyone?

Coffee table that is… remember this beauty? 
I had told you in a previous post that I was planning on making it over.  I finally did it!  Here is what it became today…
I have had this table for such a long time.  It has sentimental value (sort of).  It was my first big furniture purchase when I was fresh out of college.  Now you know I can’t have a post that doesn’t have a story attached don’t you?  Here goes… and it starts with Football.  Gigi and I both had season tickets to the Dallas Cowboys games – we were huge fans!!  Well, as it turned out the Cowboys had a killer season in 1996 and ended up going to Super Bowl XXX at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona.  As season ticket holders we got placed in a Lottery System with the Cowboys organization to be eligible for tickets to the Super Bowl.  The chances of winning the tickets were slim to none… and guess what?  Gigi won two tickets to Super Bowl XXX!!!!!  OMG – going to a Super Bowl really is something on my bucket list…. but we didn’t get to go… so very sad.  The problem was the expense of staying in Tempe – soooooooo crazy expensive.  We just couldn’t afford to go so we did the next best thing and sold the tickets for a serious profit.  I took that money and paid someone to custom make a solid wood coffee table and armoire for me.  I was about to move in to my first grown-up apartment after all!  I had him make the pieces in Pine and had him stain them blonde and rub white paint in the cracks and such – yuck!  I loved it then.  It then had a second life stained dark by the Hubby – as you can see in first pic. 
It was long overdue that this piece had life #3 (I gave the armoire to my aunt).  First, I used Hubby’s workbench and turned the table upside down to paint the bottom half in Sherwin Williams Spa… same as my lovely Kitchen.
I used the same spray adhesive I previously used on my green side table from a previous post.  I already had it on hand, but I am for sure not using it again.  It does not have enough stick.
As you can see I used the spray adhesive to stick my Premium Ply Foam to the top of the table.  I got this at Hobby Lobby for $22.99.  Why do all Hobby Lobby prices end in .99?  Of course, I used my 40% off coupon from HL – always use one!  They will take the code off of your phone you know?   I followed that up with wrapping the table in Quilt Batting, also from Hobby Lobby for $19.99 (there it is again?). 
See my awesome Powershot Pro Staple Gun?  It’s so awesome it stopped working after the very first staple!!  Had to take a quick break to run to Home Depot and grab a new Staple Gun. 
Steaming mad
That’s okay… I got this one….
Deep down I was kind of excited to go on a Tool Shopping trip. 
Back to Business!!  I just wrapped the batting as tight as I could get it and stapled it in about a thousand places… in a row…. around the entire perimeter of the table.  Even my new staple gun did not quite get all the staples in flush, so I had to use my trusty little hammer to nail them down tight and flush.  What are these little hammers called?
The little guy holding the hammer is called Little B.  Next step was wrapping the table with the dark grey vinyl.  Lotsa lotsa more staples around the perimeter.  As with the batting, the final step was to cut the excess vinyl from the edges.  And viola!?!?! New coffee table/ottoman.  I love it!
Oh… how could I forget?  This is what you do with the leftover Poly Foam.
That’s Mister B – very resourceful!  Well that’s all for now peeps.
See You Soon…..
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