Thursday, February 16, 2012

To Upholster or Not to Upholster that is the Question!

Hey there all! Good Thursday night to yah. I don't have a new project to post for today, but I do want to have a little upholstery discussion with y'all. I have been wanting to give upholstering a go for quite a while now but have been really intimidated by it. This is often the case for me. I am always thinking about new projects I want to try and I overthink it and talk myself out of doing it before I have even gotten out of the starting gate. Pathetic! Well, Mishelle was driving through our neighborhood the day bulk trash was supposed to be out for pick-up and she spotted a perfect chair. It is your typical wingback chair that some other owner had carelessly kicked to the curb as trash. Wrong I say! Their trash, our treasure - Thank you! This will be the perfect chair for us to hone our novice Upholstery skillz. Here is the about to be beautiful again (hopefully) chair.

Mishelle and I already started ripping this baby apart - wow harder than we expected. I will post these pics later. Like I said, I often get great ideas and have great intentions but often my eagerness fizzles and I abandon projects after the first attempt. One such occasion was marathon running. Just over ten years ago I took up running and training for a marathon with the intentions of becoming a bonafide marathon runner. Bahahahahaha.... really? I will say I did train and I did run the Rock'n'Roll Marathon in San Diego and I did indeed raise a good amount of money for the Leukemia Society. For that I am eternally proud. I did pretty much give up marathoning after that. I was not a fan of losing 6 toe nails and hurting all over my entire body. Oh well, here is to hoping I am fantastic at this upholstery stuff and that I don't stop after just one chair. Only time will tell. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks for hanging in there with us!
See You Soon.....

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