Monday, February 20, 2012

Painting Furniture

So I have had this piece for a couple of years now and like it but I wanted to love after doing much research I found that people really love painting furniture with chalk paint. I thought it sounded weird, but it is SO easy to make your own, that I thought I better give it a whirl. And am I ever so happy I did! You don't have to SAND anything...and that is the part I HATE! And it took to the surface of this piece like a champ! If you look closely you can see it is on the shiny side...I was shocked...I DIDN'T have to sand!! YAHOO!! I put on two coats and this is what I got!

To make your own chalk paint you need one cup of paint (color of your choice) and 1 tablespoon of non-sanded tile grout. I got a big box for $4!  Make sure you mix it up really well and off you go! The only down to this I have found is that the paint doesn't keep...turns very hard after several hours.

This color I used is called Refreshing Pool. What do you think? Better? =)

Thanks for stopping by...Hugs, Mishelle

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