Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our Wrap Dress

So one way or another I ended up on this blog... and I found this wrap dress! She gives a fabulous tutorial on set by set instructions! We didn't have any problems =)

I have always admired them and talked Kelly into trying to make one with me! It took us about 4 hours but we did it!! And like the woman in the was only $15 gotta love that! I went with a gray to compete my yellow shoes and zebra bag! =)
Here is Kelly rocking the skirt portion...which is awesome how you cut it with NO seams!!! 
Now we had to do some MAJOR pinning! Kelly got some good practice! =) 
And now...we cut the LONG straps
And would you believe there is ONE stitch in this whole dress! Don't let it fool still took us 4 hours, but I would say it was all worth it...right Kelly?!

Here are a couple of my favorite ways to wrap it...and if you go to youtube there are a ton more!!
Did you notice the pretty necklace...I made that a month or so ago...I used a ton of jump rings, just started hooking them together and came up with that! =)

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