Friday, February 10, 2012

More Flipping Out.... with Love... Entry, Sunroom & Bath

Happy Friday Night People!  I am in a good mood and ready to Blog tonight.  Can I first say How cute are Mishelle's Purses?  So flipping cute!  If you didn't see them, check out her Blog Post!  I am of course going to talk a little bit more about my favorite Flip again!  I will tantalize you with several before and afters first though.
Foyer Before
Foyer After
Easy Peasy.  Just some Venetian Plaster on the upper half, new paint on the lower half (moldings were already there but you just didn't notice them) and a darling new light fixture.  We kept the original brick floors because they were really well taken care of and looked really nice. 
Sunroom/Playroom Before
Sweet Plaid Carpeting eh?
Sunroom/Playroom After
Love how this room turned out!  The bead board on the walls is the good stuff.  I think the original owners put this up board by board themselves - it's not the flimsy stuff.  Not that I don't love and appreciate that stuff.  Cuz I do.... it's all over my personal abode.  We made the difficult choice of removing the plaid tartan carpet and went with some really awesome peel-and-stick laminate plank flooring called Konecto.  It was brand new at that time and kind of pricey.  I hear Lowes carries a different brand of this stuff now and that it is pretty reasonable.  Of course we also painted all the trim and built-ins bright white and painted the walls in a soft blue by Sherwin Williams called Sleepy Blue.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Sorry got sleepy for a second there no idea why?? 
Laundry Room Before
The Laundry Room is to the right behind those gorgeous brown shutter doors in the hall off of the Kitchen.
This is what was behind those rockin' doors!
Here is the Butler's Pantry/Bar After
Butlers Pantry
A bar is a much better use of space wouldn't you say?  Who needs to do stupid laundry anyway.  Just buy new clothes!  Actually this house had an enormous storage closet that was in between the Sunroom and Garage.... so voila huge laundry/mudroom back there.  I gave myself a big pat on the back for this transformation.
Guest Bath Before.... yay 1960's Marble.... so pretty.  
Guest Bath After.... soooo much better.
Secondary Bath
We had to gut the shower in here and remove those crazy soffits.  It made it feel so much larger in here.  We kept the cabinets because those builders in the 60's were total craftsman when it came to their cabinetry.  As you can see we did a combo of Subway and Glass Tile in the shower.  I really do appreciate and love Subway Tile and how timeless it really is.  It has been around for a long time and will stick around for a while.  We opted for Updated Marble Countertops (which I don't have a picture of - sorry).  The paint we chose for this room was Hearts of Palm by Sherwin Williams... sigh.  I know I am throwing the word love around a lot but I really love this color - may be my favorite color in this house.  Maybe love is in the air!  Valentines is very close by after all.  That's all for now folks. 
See you Soon.....

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