Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More Flipping Out.... with Love.... Master Bed & Bath

Good morning all.  As I promised today is all about the Master Bedroom and Bath on my favorite Flip House.  Honestly, this room is one of the best in the house.  The room is really large with awesome vaulted ceilings, a fireplace and two closets (not to mention the walk-in closet in the Master Bathroom).  As you can see from the attached Before Pics it really just needed cosmetics... badly!


(Check out that awesome Blue Chandelier!)
This bedroom really was a pretty simple reno project.  The windows were fairly new so no messing with those.  It all needed painting for sure and new light fixtures.  We also decided to rip the carpet out of the hallway and this bedroom because in my opinion the Master Bedroom should always feel a little more grand and special than the other bedrooms.  We actually had a really hard time deciding what wood floor to put down - and trust me when I say I never have a hard time making design decisions on the interior of a home.  The exterior is another story because sunlight or cloudy light really changes the look of a color.  It really brings out the undertones of the colors and that is what you see more than what the color looks like on the swatch.  Check out these After Pics.
Master FP
Okay.... I am really mad at myself because I must have accidentally deleted all of my after pictures... bummer!!  The room turned out beautiful.  We painted all the walls in Sherwin Williams Restful - as you can see a pale green.  We also painted all the trim, doors and built-ins in bright white enamel.  We decided to go with a Brazilian Koa on the floor because this house just needed something different but not wacky (we did want to sell it after all).  Anyway, on to the Master Bath!  This room was funny because back in the 60's it was very popular to compartmentalize the bathrooms.  You first walked in to a long dressing area with a built-in Vanity as seen here.
Which then led through another door in to the Vanity Area as seen here.
Such a long space, why not two sinks??  Clearly couples in the 60's really wanted their privacy and did not want to be in the bathroom together.... weirdo's!  I love hanging out in the bathroom with the Hubby..... NOT!  As you can see we have hit a dead end here.... no worries.  Just turn left and pass through door #3 (Let's Make a Deal!) to your toilet and shower area as seen here.
Ahhh... what a lovely toilet!  Some rockin' blue tile too.  The tub/shower combo is just to the left of the toilet out of the picture.... another great thing about bathrooms is they are really hard to photograph.  Can you say wide-angle lens?  I really should invest in one!  So, what we did first was rip it all out!  And I mean all... we ripped out all the walls dividing these three spaces while leaving the walk-in closet intact.  This really opened up this space and made it feel so much larger.  It enabled us to have dual sinks and a separate tub and shower, which is really what we all want in a Master Bath.  We purchased the dual vanity from Overstock.  Check out this After!
Master Bathroom

I went a little nucking futs on the color - according to the Hubby.  The norm on a flip house is to keep all the colors as neutral as possible.... BORING!  I had to get some color in the bathrooms.  I could not help myself - I LOVE color!  I chose it because it really brought out one of the colors in the floor tile.  Sorry I cannot remember the name of this color.... I just remember that it is from Sherwin Williams.  You really cannot see how wonderful this tile is from the picture but let me assure you it is beautiful in person.  This tile is from a company called Interceramic.  On the floor is a tile called Oxide in the color Argilla, and on the tub and shower surround is a tile from the same line Oxide but it is in a color called Quarzo.  Here is an After Pic of the Shower Surround.
Master Shower
Again, pics cannot really do this Shower any justice at all.  We added some glass tile for accent, as well as oil rubbed bronze faucets and sconces and a chandelier from Ballard Designs.  We also later added a Glass Shower Door.   That's all for now folks!  I hope you liked it!
See you Soon.....

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