Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Flipping Out... with Love - yes More! Dining, Living & Office

It is a cold Sunday here in North Texas so I am staying inside.... all day!!!  Oh how I love a lazy day.  I am very good at being lazy.  I have to gear my lazy self up for a day of productivity!  Being that it is in the 30's today, it seems a perfect day to me to stay inside and Blog, Read and just be lazy with my family.  I know to some of you people 30 degrees is nothing.  I was born and raised in North Texas - 30 degrees is brutal to us!  We can live through 100+ degree Summers every year, but give us a cold day in Winter and we crumble and complain around here.  Our bodies are acclimated to heat not cold of any kind and I am okay with that.  I will take heat over cold any day and I won't apologize for that. 
Today, let's visit the only rooms in my Favorite Flip that we have not - The Living Room, Dining Room and Office/Guest Bedroom.  Here are the Before and After Pics.
Office/Guest Bedroom Before
Office/Guest Bedroom After
Office & 4th Bedroom
I think at this point you can all see my pattern with reno here, but I will still state the obvious.  We painted the wainscoting and trim and doors bright white.  We painted the walls in here a Sherwin Williams Color called Latte.  We also chose to mimic what we did in the Master Bedroom and Hall and tore out the carpeting in the Office and the hallway leading to it.  We again put down the Brazilian Koa flooring we purchased at Lumber Liquidators.  It is hard to tell in the pictures, but we did change up the built-in office desk and shelves.  We chose to go over the dark walnut color with a dark umber stain just to make them stand out and feel a little less dated.  We also changed out the old ceiling fan for one that was updated.  This room is so versatile and we knew it would be a selling point for this home.  It is a really large room that sits off of the Kitchen as a split bedroom from the other three.  It also has a door leading in to the Sunroom/Playroom.  It is so large it can double as a guest room and an office or it can be used as a really large office for someone who works from home.  The couple who purchased the home both work from home - can you say perfect fit?  I have to admit this was just another one of the rooms that tempted me to keep this home for myself.
Dining Room Before (sort of)
I forgot to take a true "Before".  There was some really yucky wallpaper in here!  The awesome globe lights are still up though.  You know if I was as into re-using back then as I am now, I probably would have kept and modified that light in to something cool and modern.  Oh well.  Live and Learn.
Dining Room After
Dining Room
What a difference paint and accessories make!  Love the new light fixture and those mirrors I bought at Home Goods are still my favorites - they now hang in my Guest Room.  We do stage all of our Flips when they are complete.  It is statistically proven to sell your house faster and for a higher asking price - look it up!
Living Room Before
Living Room After
Living Room Fireplace
Living Room to Kitchen
Living Room
These vaulted ceilings are such a great asset to this home.  In this neighborhood of 60's ranch-style homes, this is kind of unusual for the most part.  Again, just follow my pattern - bright white built-ins, Sherwin Williams Latte paint, Oil Rubbed Bronze ceiling fan.  Here is something new though we added a lot of can lights to brighten up this space!  In this room, we also kept the original brick flooring - I believe in keeping some original characteristics of the home in every flip I have done.  I don't believe in erasing history, but I do believe in helping preserve it while giving it a kick in the pretty direction.  Thanks for hanging out with me again today.  It is now time to go back to my laziness and get back to my book - Dreams of Joy by Lisa See.  I do love reading!  For any of you other readers, go check out the website Good Reads - you will love it.
See You Soon.....

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