Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Flipping Out!.... with Love.... Kitchen

Today I want to talk about my favorite Flip House!  As I have said before, I have now flipped four houses.  I know this is not a lot compared to some Investors with deep pockets and many home renovations and sales under their belts, but it is all mine.  I am proud of my hard-earned four homes that I have completed and Sold as my pockets are quite shallow and don't contain much $$$.  I have literally squeezed blood from turnips to make some of these Renos happen.  I have had to get very creative and find money to purchase the home and then find more to complete the renovations and cover carrying costs of owning an additional home.  I know I have given the Hubby many a sleepless night as he is much more risk averse than myself.  I don't mind a little risk - it is exciting.  No risk no reward right?  Right!  I love flipping houses!  I love anything where I get to take something that is not so pretty and make it beautiful.  I'm not talking Lipstick on Pigs here (that would be my house. , I am talking gutting rooms and making them beautiful.... and selling them for a little profit (I have not yet figured out how to make big profits on these houses yet.  I am a novice after all).  There are many reasons this home was my favorite flip.  The first of which is the fact that this home is located right next door to ours - this could have gone so wrong in so many ways as I was also the Realtor selling this home when I was done with it.  I loved our neighbors.  They were the sweetest older couple and the original owners who built this home per their own custom specs.  You could tell when you looked at this home that they had built it custom because it was different inside and out from other houses in the neighborhood - in a good way not a weird way.  This hood is full of semi-custom ranch homes built in the 60's - I love my neighborhood and all it's charm and large lots and fantastic large old trees.  I even love it after all the darn trees have dropped forty bags worth of leaves in my yard and pool.  My back might not agree but I digress.  Back to my old neighbors.  They took fantastic loving care of this house - it was spotless.  All it needed was cosmetics!  They started talking to me about the possibility of selling it as they had a second home in Oklahoma and that was where all their family and their hearts were now residing.  They thought about selling for a couple of years.  I waited patiently.  Also, I live in a neighborhood saturated with Realtors (I love and respect you all) and they were also getting wind of a possible sale.  The other Realtors were trying to win the sale and began taking meetings with the old owners.  I was sure that this increase in Sales Price was going to take me out of the equation and make the home priced too high for me to justify a flip.  Well the old owners liked my family and I a lot and they loved the idea of us fixing up the cosmetics and selling it to another young family who would love it as much as they did.  That is exactly what we did.  We had a very vested interest as we lived next door!  This one took us a lot longer to reno than our other flips because we had our home, our flip prior to this one still on the market, our Rental property out in the burbs and now this one..... SCARY!  That is a lot of house to juggle.  We also had to get creative to finance and fix this baby.  Basically all we could do was start painting everything ourselves until the prior flip sold and we had some spending cash.  So my Mom Gigi (flipping partner) and I started painting..... every single surface.  I am a very good painter!  I don't need no stinkin' tape!  Then after several months of waiting, the other flip sold and hallelujah we could start tearing some stuff apart - the most wonderfully therapeutic part of a home reno it's like crack.  After all that Prologue.... here are some pics.  We will just look at the Kitchen today!
Here is the before of the Kitchen..... Enjoy!!
Notice this bank of cabinets blocking Breakfast Nook is gone in After Pics.

Here is the after of the Kitchen..... Enjoy!!

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Nook
SS Apps
   I loved this house when it was done!  So much so that the Hubby and I debated keeping this one and fixing ours up to sell it instead.  There were a couple of reasons this was so not going to happen.  First off, my money trees had already dropped all their dollar bills for the year (I was broke).  There was no money left to fix up my house.... trust me it is a lot harder to justify spending money on your own house when that money is not coming back in to your possession any time soon.  Also, our house had a pool and we really enjoyed that when, as is always the case, the Texas 100 degree +  Summers come a callin'.  So on the market it went and shockingly took a little time to sell.  This house was special and we always felt like it would take a special person to love it.... we always thought it was the kind of home that would really take a designer or Architect to really appreciate what was special about it.  This home just did not fit in to what every conventional Buyer wants - it is not cookie cutter.  Sorry conventional Buyers but it is true you all kind of want the same things for the most part.  It was great to live next door to this one because I could channel my inner stalker and spy on who was showing up to view the home!  I spied a couple one day who had kids who looked to be the same age as mine and they looked like nice people.  They were the ones!  And what do you know they loved the house!  They bought and thank god my stalker intuition was right and they were indeed really great people.... and guess what the husband is an Architect!  I was right!  They have become great friends and we get to still see and enjoy their beautiful home all the time.  We are so happy that a new family will love this home and raise a family there just like the original owners did for almost forty years before them.  It is for all these reasons that I love this home and this flip as much as I do.  Next time..... Master Bath and Bedroom! 
See you soon....

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