Thursday, February 23, 2012

Flipping for the Lake!....close quarters baths

These old houses are so funny!  People must have been really tiny back then, or they just loved tight and confined spaces.  Clearly claustrophobia was not a problem for many back then!  The bathrooms in these 60's ranchers are so tiny and compartmentalized.  I am going to show you before pics and try to make you understand.  It is hard to see in these pictures so I will also explain to you what it was like real quick.  As you headed down the main hallway of this Lake Highlands home the first door on your left led to a vanity area - that was nothing but a vanity and a pass-through.  There was a door on the opposite side that led to a small hallway leading in to the master.  Right across that small (and it was small) hallway was the "master bath".  It had a tiny sink, tiny toilet and tiny shower.  There was also a second closet.  Here is the before.

April 2008 034
April 2008 035
April 2008 036
April 2008 037
April 2008 038
This all had to change.  It really is one of the most ridiculous layouts I have ever seen!  And check this out.
April 2008 039
This was the extra Master Closet!  Yes you are seeing a sink.... What you cannot see is that there was a portable electric burner in there too - with a vent hood thank goodness... not!  Talk about fire hazard!  They had this set up in the closet in the Family Room over the garage I showed you in a previous post too.  Apparently there were no firemen in this family.  We closed off the second door from the Vanity Room in to the Master Hallway and added a toilet making this area a half bath.  Check it out.
We ripped out the old vanity and those silly drop down soffits.  We installed a floating vanity to make the room feel a little larger.  Again, as in the Kitchen, I was not thrilled with the cabinet finish but oh well.  We installed new mirror, lighting, faucet and Tropical Brown Granite Countertops.  I think it turned out really well.  Now on to the rest... We ripped it all out - small bath area, hallway, and "kitchen-closet".  We had a large blank slate and could now make a proper Master Bath for the New Millennium!  Here it is.
Master Tub
Master Shower
Amazing this much space was there the whole time!  We had the vanity custom made for that spot - it is solid wood.  We installed Carrera Marble Countertops in here, along with a jetted tub and porcelain tile throughout.  Another job I was totally pleased with!
See You Soon.....

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  1. I need some of those shelves you used over the tub....where do I get?


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