Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Flipping for the Lake…. F.R.O.G.

Today I want to talk some more about the Flip I did in Lake Highlands.  In my last post, I told you that we had some untapped potential in this house.  That untapped potential was in a room that was added over the garage.  This room that the previous (and original) owner had added over the garage was not countable in the square footage at the time we purchased the home.  This room was not on the HVAC system and it had an exterior entrance off the back patio of the home.  This was roughly 400 free square feet for us!  We paid for just under 2,000 square feet but got to sell it at just under 2500 square feet.  That is some really good free money when you are selling a house for $138 a square foot!  I say free but really it was not totally free because we had to spend some good money adding that room on to the HVAC system, updating the cosmetics for the room and attached bathroom, and we had to add a hallway and exterior entrance to that area so the room would now be attached to the house.  Here is the before picture so you can get a visual understanding of what I am talking about here.  
April 2008 031
Okay… what you are looking at above is the door leading in to the room over the garage.  So if you look back at one of the before pics of the Family Room you see a back door – this pic is like you just opened that back door to the backyard and this is what you are looking at.  To your right in this picture (that is just out of picture range) is another door leading to a huge storage closet.  Basically, wasted space!  We added an exterior insulated wall to the left here and added an exterior door.  We eliminated the original exterior door shown in that before picture and just made it an opening in to the new hallway.   Here is the picture of the new Hallway. 
Seriously, look at the post with the before pic here.  I am pretty proud of us for making this happen!  Check out the shelf we added to our new Hallway. 
This is what used to be the door to the exterior storage closet I mentioned earlier!  We closed off the old door and turned that huge storage closet in to a Pantry with an access door now in the Kitchen!  This old kitchen had no pantry to speak of and thanks to that unused storage closet the kitchen now had a pantry that measured around 6 feet by 6 feet – huge for this neighborhood.  We opted to keep the exterior brick in this hallway because it was just downright cool.  It looked great!  Here is another after picture of this hallway. 
Hall Bench
We had to do some foundation work to the sub-structure to make this hallway happen as well because it was nothing more than a part of the original porch before.  We carried the wood floors in to this hallway as well.  We had to re-build the stairs leading in to the bedroom/family room over the garage as well because they were not up to code.  In my opinion, this part of this reno was a smashing success!
See you Soon….

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