Monday, January 30, 2012

I've Been Framed!!!

Happy Monday to all!  I have to first confess that I lied.  In my last Blog Post I said my next project was my coffee table and it was not.  It was this.
I am sorry to have let you all down so!  Back story first - I bought this old, unattractive and empty frame at Goodwill back in December.  My original intention for the frame was to do something I saw on Pinterest.  I really wanted to have some fun pictures taken of my family and use them for Christmas Cards.  Like I said, I found the idea on Pinterest and followed it to the Blog.
I just thought this was darling.  Well as is always the case, the Holidays were just so busy that I did not get any pictures taken… at all! But I bought the darn frame and even though I let it sit there staring at me for over a month I was still determined to do something with it.  There are just so many ways to use a cool old frame.  It really was a nice looking frame with good clean lines.  Here is the before.... not pretty yet....
Not sure you can tell in this picture but some of the corners where the wood meets on the two sides had separated some and had a little damage.  The first step was of course to clean this thing really well with some soap and water.  The next step was to repair the corners before painting.  I had to use some small pliers to dig out some pieces of the wood dowel that was used in the original construction.  After that, I used a rubber mallet to pound the corners back together as closely as I could.  There was a small gap still left in one corner, so I opted for some paintable Caulk with Adhesive.  I did two passes with this stuff to make it appear as smooth as possible and like it had never been damaged.  Next step was painting 101... I sanded it all down.  I chose to go with spray paints for this project and used what I had on hand.  I started with a coat of
Rust-oleum Spray Paint in Black Gloss. 
Following this coat, I roughed up the surface a bit because of it being a Gloss Coat.  I then tried out a technique I also saw on Pinterest from the Brassy Apple Blog.  Here is the link to that project (It is really cool - my project does not do it justice): 

I used a bar of Dove Soap and rubbed it around the edges and sides.  Time for full disclosure.... I am obsessed with the color Teal!  It is popping up all over my house - my Kitchen walls are a light Teal which about gave the Hubby a coronary when he saw only a small section painted.  Can you guess what my final top coat color was?  Bet you can't!  You could win one million doubloons if you guess correctly.... no takers?  Okay fine then, the color I chose was dark Teal.  I used a Satin Spray Paint in a color called Lagoon by Rust-oleum for this coat.  Just two coats and done.  I then used a low grit sanding stone and lightly sanded the areas where I had rubbed the soap.  When I say lightly, I mean lightly.  I may do more later.  Anyway, here is another pic of the finished product.  I love it!
How you like my Peacock?  I painted it in one of those drink wine and we will teach you how to paint classes!  I think it turned out good enough to hang in my Living Room!  I was happy as a clam when my seven-year-old came out and saw it and said "Wow Mommy you are a really good painter"!
See You Soon....


  1. Beautiful! I love it when I see people using art of their own creation in their homes.

  2. I actually love that peacock and the colors you used. Brava!


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