Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chalkboard Door - Simple but Effective!

Update:  I am entering this Project in the Summer Pinterst Challenge:

pinterest challenge summer

You can find it over on the Centsational Girl Blog (love her!).

Good morning all.  It is a very very rainy and nasty day here in Dallas.  My oldest is home sick too, so it seems it is a great day to stay inside and blog.  The project I am posting today is about a plain old white pantry door that became inspirational and finally useful!  I won't post a picture of my plain white door because I feel sure you all have those in your homes and can picture them with just a little stretch of your imagination (doesn't take much imagining does it).  I need to backtrack and tell you a little bit more about myself.  I really do try very hard to be organized and do things that make my life with my family as easy as possible.  I also however often makes things harder on myself than totally necessary.  My problems are with meal planning, shopping and making sure a good meal is on the table for my family most weeknights.  I stress most week nights (see previous post about letting my kids eat in front of the TV - doesn't happen often at dinnertime but alas it does happen).  I truly despise the grocery store and grocery shopping and there is a very good reason why!  My first job was in a grocery store, that shall remain nameless, where I was tortured with a green and orange polyester bell bottom uniform for the two years I worked there.  This was not the 1970's people - if it was I would have rocked that look harder than anyone.  It was 1987!!!  Yes you can probably guess my age now... I am not ashamed.  Back to the door.  I am really bad at planning ahead of time, going shopping and actually getting all the right ingredients home and I was terrible at thinking ahead and being prepared to put dinner on the table in a timely manner.  I was really great at waiting until 5:30 at night and then saying "Crap what was it I was going to make for dinner tonight?" At which time of course my protein for the meal was nice and frozen.  Did I already mention that I am really bad at planning ahead?  Something had to change! With a little Pinterest Pinspiration, I came up with a simple and easy to implement idea!  I would paint my Pantry Door with Chalkboard Paint!

It made so much sense for me because I cannot open my Pantry Door ever without seeing what I am supposed to be cooking for dinner and on what day.  It makes it impossible for me to forget that I need to think ahead!  I love it.  I went to Home Depot (like Disneyland for me) and I bought a quart of the Rust-oleum Chalkboard Paint in dark grey.  This is the color I wanted so I went with it.  It matches the Sherwin Williams Peppercorn accents I have throughout my house.  You can also make your own Chalkboard Paint if you want a specific color that is not available - hopefully Mishelle can write a blog on that as I have never done it myself.  Just three coats for me and I was done!  My only frustration with this first attempt at my door was that I had to keep re-writing the days of the week on the board as they were written in Chalkboard Paint.  I decided to change things up a little and I added stickers to the door for the days of the week.  I just used some cute stickers in a font I liked that I found at Hobby Lobby.   If you have a Cricut or Silhouette Machine than this would probably work even better.  That's all for now.... happy Meal Planning to you all! 


Don't beat yourself up for not being the "Perfect Mom", just be the best Mommy that you can be while still being true to yourself!!
See you soon....

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