Monday, January 9, 2012

Bachelor Love..... and Hate

Bachelor 1/9

This blog really is more about DIY and Design than anything else, but why not indulge some of our other obsessions while we are at it?  Since Mishelle opened up this can of worms let’s go there!  I also am addicted to Reality TV.  I prefer HGTV and Food Network, but I have a few guilty pleasures and one of them is the Bachelor… so let’s do this.  Let’s talk about our friend Ben the Bach.

I love Ben’s car – is it an old Scout or Bronco?  I will give him points for that.  Does anyone else notice that Bens dog is like him – a little bit girly man and not so manly?   The dogs name is Scotch?  You are a winemaker Ben!  Whys isn’t his name Gewurtztraminer or Shiraz?

And the first one-on-one date goes to Kacie B!  First off I love the outfit she is wearing on their date. She is cute and casual.  I like her already.  Then she pulls out a baton… love her even more.  When Ben said to Kacie “I need to see the South” do you think he was being pervy with her and she was just too dumb to realize it?  Men are perves… I bet he was being pervy!  Okay Bachelor you got me…. The home videos of Ben and Kacie B. as kids were really very sweet and actually touching… Bachelor Producers must like her because they put her on this sentimental date and made him like her because of it.  Oh she’s already found a “lifetime of love”…. Slow down sister!  Just because you saw his bare ass on his home movies does not mean love.

Blakely is a “VIP” Cocktail Waitress – does that mean she works the VIP room at a strip club?  What other place has VIP cocktail waitresses?  I don’t know this from personal experience…. I’m just sayin.

Oh yea…. Group date!  Bring on the crazy ladies!  WTF is Blakely wearing?  Please note previous comment about strippers… again just sayin.  The kids even noticed… the boys like it!  Love the kids’ reactions to these girls.  Kids are so smart!  Racy play kids!!!  Ben looked better half naked than I thought he would…. Enough with the sweet freakin kids… let’s get the crazy started  - serve up some wine and hot tubs.  Wow Ben is not very insightful… he thinks everyone likes Blakely!  So Blakely says “all Scorpio’s are good lovers”.  Good to know.  Barf men are so stupid!  Ben is clearly thinking with his parts down south…. Blakely gets the rose really?  I actually like weasel Jennifer.  She actually seems kinda normal.  God knows the normal girls never get the damn rose on group dates.  Poor Jennifer.     

Courtney is crazy town.  This girl is going to make this season a good one…. Producers will keep her on for a while!  So Courtney says “How does that taste coming out of your mouth” to Kacie B when she reads her date card.  I am so using that line next time anyone says my name!!  Is Courtney really a model or is she one of those girls who paid for her own “modeling lessons” at Barbazon and then calls herself a “model”.  She is not as pretty as Ben says she is.  She hasn’t been asked out because she is batshit crazy!  You can tell she really hates Bens dog… she is so fake.  Yes Ben she is too good to be true… She is a nutjob!

Cocktail party…. Yea more booze.  I like Lindzi too.  She is cute and a little bit countreeeee….. Jenna is a Blogger.  Can you make money at that?  Sign me up! Poor Jenna is she drunk or on some prescription drugs?  She is so odd… the way she talks is just off.  Yay he gave Jennifer a rose.  Emily is cute too.  Who the hell is Elise?  Has she been on the show the whole time?  Who the hell is Erica?  I kind of like Samantha too… she talks like a Sailor.  Hallelujah he did not say Jenna!  Maybe the boy actually has a tiny bit of brain left up North!  Next week looks good people… fainting at the rose ceremony. 
See You Soon....

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