Wednesday, January 25, 2012

44 Days Left

YIKES!!! Only 44 days until I have to wear a bathing suit! We are taking the kids on their first cruise....which in other words = bathing suits alot!

I love this bathing suit! I have this picture hanging in the kitchen! Yes, in the kitchen...It has helped me a few evenings when I feel like snacking! =) I will be ordering this suit...if I can keep on track! Yes, Kelly I know...I have over 100 bathing suits...but I don't have this one! LMAO!

The last two week I did SO good! I put in 14 hours at Move Studio ( I have done pilates, yoga, zumba, raise the barre, hoop dance (so FUN!) and Chair trick class!! It has been fun changing up from the norm...the dreaded treadmill! I have learned so much by working out at Move Studio...I have boosted my confidence and I am pushing myself to do more and work harder! If you live in the area you should give it a try... you will be glad you did.



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